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My MIC Story - Read Julie's Story

Julie Scally
Julie Scally
Bachelor of Education

Name: Julie Scally
Programme: Bachelor of Education
​​​​​​​Year: 3

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi! My name is Julie. I’m from Cork and I attended Mount Mercy College in Bishopstown before coming to MIC. I'm studying to become a primary school teacher and I'm now in Year 3 of my four-year degree. 

Why did you choose MIC?

I chose MIC as I had heard a lot of amazing things from friends in older years attending MIC. The small class sizes appealed to me as it makes it a lot easier to make friends. MIC is very welcoming! There’s a supportive learning environment here, and this greatly impacted my decision in choosing to study at MIC.

Has it been easy to make new friends?

Yes, it has been very easy to make friends. The small class sizes have helped and you’re also mixed with other classes so there's plenty of people to chat to and get to know. You constantly see the same people around the campus, which makes it easier to make friends. I also lived in student accommodation in first year so that really made the process of making friends easier. There was always someone to talk to!

Tell us about your experience here at MIC.

My time at MIC has had such a positive impact on me. I joined MIC Camogie in first year and it was nice to be able to train with the team as I was missing it at home. It also helped in making friends as you share the same interests with a lot of people on the team. Studying here has also helped my confidence. In first year, you often have to stand up and teach something in front of those in your class and this is great practice for placement, which you get to do throughout the programme. 

What do you love about the B Ed programme and studying at MIC?

My favorite module at the moment is PE. It's like you're in primary school again! You learn to teach PE by doing all the activities and games that the children would be doing. Placement is also a great part of the B Ed programme as you get hand-on experience in the classroom. I was nervous when I first went on placement in first year but you get lots of help and support from the College. That’s one of the great things about MIC, there's always someone there to offer help or support.

What do you love about college life?

I love the social life in college. I love being able to grab a coffee between classes with friends. Nights out are also an important part of college life! I also love the independence that college life brings. A lot of this is down to living away from home and you really get to learn a lot when you’re living away from home. I'm living in a house with friends I lived with in student accommodation. It's only a ten-minute walk to the College, which is great as you can go home for breaks between classes, which is needed with the busy timetable of lectures and tutorials we have.

What do you do when lectures are done for the day?

In my spare time I usually do something with my friends. Sometimes we go for coffee in town, or we might go out for dinner in Bobby Byrnes, or we have movie nights. On a Thursday we go out, usually to Molly’s or Black Rabbit. As it comes closer to exams I’d go to the library or to the RES block to get some work done.

What would you like to do after your graduate?

After I graduate, I’d like to travel. I've always wanted to live in New Zealand so hopefully I'll have the opportunity to work there. I’d also love to do another course or masters in something.

What advice would you give to anyone considering studying at MIC?

My advice is to enjoy your time in MIC. It goes so quickly so enjoy it all!