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Professional Development

Mary Immaculate College has a long history of educating the educator but teachers’ professional learning occurs not just in the initial and induction stages, but also throughout the course of any career as curriculum and culture changes. MIC supports this learning through a range of short courses and accredited postgraduate programmes.

Why MIC?

The College’s staff are both well informed and research-active. This ensures that current trends in education and deficits in the sector inform the postgraduate programmes on offer and the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses.

MIC programmes include a Graduate Certificate, Diploma or M Ed in Professional Studies in Education  and a Graduate Diploma or M Ed in Adult and Further Education.

The selection of CPD summer courses varies year on year—the offering designed to reflect the ever-changing and diverse professional needs of teachers. Course delivery is a mixture of onsite at MIC Limerick or via online and blended learning. All courses are approved for Extra Personal Vacation (EPV) days. In 2018, topics included developing and supporting literacy skills, STEM, SPHE, Gaelic Games coaching, embracing diversity and nurturing integration, entrepreneurship and much more.

Summer CPD Courses
Summer CPD Courses
New additions to the primary school curriculum often form the basis for CPD courses
Summer CPD Courses 2018

The selection of CPD summer courses varies year on year, and they are delivered onsite at MIC Limerick or via online and blended learning.

EPV Days

This is the maximum amount of Extra Personal Vacation (EPV) days- earned by taking CPD summer courses- allowed in a single school year.

Major Projects

MIC has been involved in three EU-funded collaborative projects in the area of professional development; RIPLVET, 2011-2013; VALIDOSS, 2013-2015 and QUAKE, 2014-2017.

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