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Lifelong Learning

Acquiring knowledge and learning new skills has a value regardless of your age or ability. Mary Immaculate College has a range of programmes designed to help learners experience and progress to third level education, enhance their expertise in the early childhood sector and allow those with additional needs to gain in ability and confidence. In its Mission Statement, the College seeks to foster the intellectual and personal development of students, and this is partly achieved through its innovative lifelong learning courses.

Two mature students walking in the hallway of the Tara building.

Why MIC?

There is a variety of options on offer at MIC depending on what catches your interest.

Do you dream of being a primary school teacher but did not meet the minimum entry requirements on a previous attempt? The Teacher Education Access Programme (TEAP) is for applicants who are interested in applying to the B Ed (Primary Education) but need to achieve higher grades in Leaving Certificate Irish and English to qualify. Students benefit from two additional Education modules too.

The Certificate in General Learning and Personal Development (CGPLD) programme is a two-year course for people with intellectual disabilities delivered in an inclusive third level setting. It is devoted to the academic learning, personal growth and career development prospects of the student. The full development of each student’s potential, dignity and self-worth is embraced.