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EDII Strategy


Since 2018, MIC has been committed to the development of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Interculturalism (EDII) and this is embedded within the Strategic Plan, ‘A Flourishing Learning Community 2020-2023’. 

A number of notable achievements in 2022 include the development of gender equality in terms of imbalance on governance and management committees, that all now have a minimum of 40% female representation.

The MIC Executive Team was restructured, and female representation has increased from 13% to 50%. Training has been offered to staff in EDII and gender-neutral toilet facilities on campus have been allocated.

In September 2019, the College received the bronze level ‘Investors in Diversity’ award from the Irish Centre for Diversity, recognising the steps taken to embed EDII into wider organisational systems.  In addition, MIC is committed to the Athena SWAN Charter and principles, and successfully attained the Athena SWAN Bronze Award in 2020. In June 2022, MIC submitted its Faculty of Arts application for the Athena Swan Bronze Award that has engaged a whole Faculty review of gender equality. 

The MIC Strategic Plan, Flourishing Learning Community 2020-2023 aimed to establish a new, senior management-level post responsible for creation of, and leadership of, the College’s equality and diversity strategy. This appointment was successfully filled in January 2022. 

Since January 2022, the EDII Office has put in place a short term strategic plan 2022-2023 and will begin a five-year plan in 2023 to align with the MIC new strategy (2023-2028).

Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Interculturalism (EDII) Short Term Strategy

We are delighted to share with you our EDII Short Term Strategic Plan 2022-2023. The Office is building on MIC EDII successes including gender equality on governance and management committees, the offering of diverse EDII training programmes, the allocation of gender-neutral toilet facilities in Limerick and Thurles campuses and the recent successful awarding of the Faculty of Arts attaining the Bronze Departmental Award in September 2022.

Our short term strategy include six priority areas that includes:

  • EDII Infrastructure
  • Gender Equality and Athena Swan Charter
  • LGBT+ Supports and Engagement advocate for those within the LGBT+ staff and student communities.
  • Race Equality and College of Sanctuary
  • Irish Language
  • Communication and Reporting

In 2022, we will being a longer terms process of strategic planning and look forward to developing a community of practice approach to that process.  We in the EDII Office have an open door policy and we seek to collaborate with staff and students across the College.  We look forward to working with you over the coming years. 

EDII Short Term Strategy 2022/23.

EDII Circulars

We are delighted to bring to you a series of circulars on our work that seeks to underpin an ethos and practice of EDII at MIC. Our first circular in October 2022 launched our EDII website, EDII brand, Short Term Strategic Plan 2022-2023, funding for EDII projects through the Projects Awards and other activities that we hope will be of interest to you. Click on the below circulars to read more.

EDII Circular #1 October 2022

EDII Circular #2 December 2022

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  • Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Interculturalism (EDII) Short Term Strategy
  • EDII Circulars