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Online Module Registration is the process whereby you confirm to the College which modules you are taking as part of your programme of study. Please note that payment of the Student Contribution Fee does not constitute module registration.

All students on Undergraduate programmes (including those on the Off-Campus programme or Placement), Taught Postgraduate programmes, and Research programmes, must register their modules in Week 1 of the Autumn and Spring semesters. Several exceptions apply; see the next item, Who does not need to complete Online Module Registration?.

    • Final year mature students on the BA in Liberal Arts who are either splitting their final year or completing the programme in three years may not be able to register online and it is their responsibility to inform Student Academic Administration of their module choices.
    • If you are an International Exchange or Erasmus student, you do not have to register online. Student Academic Administration will complete your module registration for you. 
    • If you are a student on the Leadership for INClusion in the Early Years programme, you do not have to register online. Student Academic Administration will complete your module registration for you. 
    • Students returning from leave of absence should complete a return from leave of absence form and return it to Student Academic Administration.
    • Link-in repeat students and link-in occasional students should complete a link-in registration form and return it to Student Academic Administration.
    • Students repeating an entire academic year or semester should contact Student Academic Administration.
    • Students on Access programmes are currently not required to complete module registration.

    Online module registration for the Autumn and Spring semesters takes place during Week 1 of each semester. If you do not register your modules within Week 1, you will incur a late registration fine of €30.

    Online module registration can be completed on any PC with internet access.

    The following student groups must login to using your student e-mail username and password to register your modules:

    • All Undergraduate Students
    • All Taught Postgraduate Students (Taught)
    • 1st and 2nd Year Research Students
    • All PME students

    For further instructions please download the Online Module Registration Guide here.

    If you encounter any error messages while trying to complete module registration please email with a brief description of the error along with your student ID number.

    Students who fail to register during Week 1 of any given semester will incur a monetary fine and will be denied access to their College computer account. Students will not feature on module listings, grading sheets and will not have access to results of examinations.

    When a student wishes to change their module registration, they are required to complete the Change of Registration form available from Student Academic Administration. The form (complete with the relevant module leader signatures) should be returned to SAA for processing by the end of Week 2 or the student is subject to a €10 charge.

    A student may register for an additional module or modules over and above the amount required.  An Additional Module Registration form must be completed by the student.  

    The signatures of both the lecturer responsible for the additional module and Academic Advisor/Department Head must be on the form before it is returned to SAA for processing. 

    Further details in the Student Handbook.

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