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Staff Directory

Anne-Marie Hannon


Dr Maurice Harmon

Lecturer in Education (Religious Education)

Marie Hartigan

Library Assistant

Dr Myra Hayes

Lecturer (part-time)

Karl Hayes

Computer Lab Assistant

Margaret Healy

TEFL/TEAL/EAP Course Leader

Professor Michael Healy

Vice-President of Research

Amy Healy

Acting Research Postgraduate Quality Manager

Helen Heffernan

Clerical Officer

Irene Hegarty

Executive Officer - Leadership for INClusion in the Early Years (LINC) Programme

Bríd Hennessy

Administrator for Enterprise & Community Engagement, Quality and Student Life

Dr Noel Hession

Lecturer (part-time)

Beth Hickey

Transforming Education through Dialogue (TED)

Dr Ann Higgins

Coordinator of Transforming Education through Dialogue (TED)

Dr Niamh Higgins


Rose Higgins

Clerical Officer

Dr Norbert Hoffmann


Jackie Hogan

Library Assistant

Noelle Holliday

Dr Kathleen Horgan


Dr Mairéad Hourigan


Paula Hourigan

Senior Academic Administrator, MIC Thurles

Professor Niamh Hourigan

Vice-President of Academic Affairs

Tim Hourigan

Information Compliance Officer