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Dr Marcus Free

Dr Marcus Free


Research interests

Media and contemporary cultural politics in Ireland; gender, race, class, migration and national identity in sport, sport fandom and sport media; space, time and memory in Irish popular culture.


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Conference/ symposium organization

Free, M. (2022) (In collaboration with Seán Crosson, NUIG, Niamh Kitching, MIC, Katie Liston, UU and Neil O’Boyle, DCU), Media, Sport and Ireland, NUIG, 19th May -

Free, M. (2021) (In collaboration with Sabine Egger, Department of German Studies and Irish Centre for Transnational Studies, MIC), Physical Movement, Body Cultures and Identity in Europe – on and off the screen, Mary Immaculate College, 1st October

Free, M. (2019) (In collaboration with the European Popular Culture Association), EUPOP 2019 (8th European Popular Culture Association Conference), Mary Immaculate College, 16th-18th July 2019.

Free, M. (2018) (In collaboration with Neil O’Boyle, School of Communications, DCU), Sport, the Media and the Cultural Industries in Ireland Symposium, Dublin City University, 22nd May.