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Dr Basil Vassilicos

Dr Basil Vassilicos

BA (Penn State University); MA (KU Leuven) & PhD (KU Leuven)

Research interests

Phenomenology; philosophy of emotions; philosophy of language; social and political philosophy; environmental ethics.

More information

My current projects concern the phenomenology of danger and risk, and the ethical perspectives advanced by enactivist theory.

Here is some recent work of mine:

"Wundt and Bühler on Gestural Expression: From Psycho-Physical Mirroring to the Diacrisis." (pre-print) A. Dewalque, C. Gauvry, S. Richard, ed. Philosophy of Language in the Brentano School: Reassessing the Brentanian Legacy. palsgrave Macmillan, 2021. 279-297.

"The Freedom(s) within Collective Agency: Tuomela and Sartre." Bulletin d’analyse phénoménologique XVI 2, 2020, 112-137.

"Piper’s question and ours: a role for adversity in group-centred views of non-agentive shame." Continental Philosophy Review, vol. 52 (2019). 241–264.


I am a proponent of the benefits of philosophy education for primary and secondary students in Ireland, and have offered intro courses and philosophy tasters at some schools around Limerick. I'd be happy to share my experiences and to expand these activities.