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CAO 2024 - Choose MIC where the student experience is a priority

Grid of individual students pictured smiling

Recognising that the journey to and through college is unique to every individual student, MIC offers a supportive learning environment and the opportunity for learners to reach their full potential. We promote campus involvement, student-faculty interaction, and a sense of community. Our high quality supports and services on both our Limerick and Thurles campuses respond to the growing and diverse needs of our students. While our mission to create a community where students are supported personally as they learn and grow means genuine interest is shown in students’ needs and progress.

This class-leading approach is applied across the breadth of MIC’s undergraduate programmes, including its career-focussed degrees in English Language and Literature, Drama and English, Psychology, Liberal Arts, Early Childhood Education, and primary and post-primary teaching. 

Hear what current students have to say about student life at MIC on our CAO Hub. Learn about their student experience to date, what they love about college life, and their advice for anyone considering studying here.

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