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President’s Scholarship Award

The President’s Scholarship Award is for students of the Mary Immaculate College, with the objective of making postgraduate study possible. To receive this award students must have received First Class Honours in their MIC undergraduate degree.


The following undergraduate degree programmes are eligible:

  • Bachelor of Education (Primary Teaching)
  • BA in Liberal Arts
  • B Ed in Education and Psychology
  • BA in Early Childhood Care and Education
  • BA in Education, Business Studies and Accounting
  • BA in Education, Business Studies and Religious Studies
  • BA in Education, Gaeilge and Religious Studies
  • BA in Education, Gaeilge and Business Studies

For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions below.

The award consists of an annually renewable reduction of €1,500 in fees for the duration of the programme of study. 

If an MIC student achieves a First Class Honours in one of the undergraduate degrees listed above, they receive a letter about the President’s Scholarship Award outlining the next steps

The duration of the scholarship is the programme registration period which is one or two years for a taught programme and two years for a research programme.

The relevant programme coordinators and course leaders are best positioned to assist in making a decision about programme selection. 

Most postgraduate programme pages have the coordinators' contact details included; if they do not, contact the MIC Admissions Office on or +353 61 204929/204348 with your query.

Email is the best way to contact a programme coordinator or course leader. Please remember that a number of coordinators and course leaders will be on annual leave at certain times of the year and you are requested to kindly allow for delays in responses to queries. Please frame any queries as clearly and concisely as possible.