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CAO Points Concession Sports Scheme

MIC’s CAO Points Concession Sports Scheme is an academic entry scheme for performance athletes applying for a full-time Level 8 Undergraduate programme at MIC Limerick or Thurles. Up to 10 places across all undergraduate programmes will be reserved for outstanding candidates who have achieved a very high level of sporting performance and who are committed to continuing to develop their sporting and academic careers. This scheme is being introduced for the academic year 2020-21.


Successful applicants who meet all the necessary entry requirements and who also meet the sports assessment criteria, may be eligible for a points reduction of up to 40 points below the First Round CAO points cut-off for the programme they have applied for.

To be considered for this entry scheme, applicants must:

  1. Have placed MIC as their number one preference on their CAO application
  2. Meet the minimum entry requirements of their desired level 8 programme
  3. Come within 40 points of 1st Round CAO points for their nominated programme
  4. Be expected to act as ambassadors for MIC in terms of their participation in their chosen sport or other activities as requested by the College for the duration of the programme by which they entered
  5. Participate in a sport recognised by the Irish Sports Council
  6. Be able to provide evidence that they are competing at the highest available level in their chosen sport and have identifiable potential for further improvement.

The following minimum standards of participation will apply to both this CAO Points Concession Sports Scheme and the Sports Scholarships scheme:

  • Gaelic Games: Minor County level and capable of competing at a higher age level
  • Hockey: Interprovincial/International representation
  • Athletics: Schools/Celtic Games or Junior international representation
  • Rugby: Schools/age grade international, provincial and/or international representation/provincial academy/Sub-Academy/Overseas or UK equivalent
  • Soccer: Schools/age grade international and/or provincial representation/emerging talent programme/Overseas or UK equivalent
  • Basketball: Super League Level and/or National Junior squad representation
  • Rowing: Junior national representation
  • Other Sports: As defined by the recognised sporting body and evidence of a strong competitive record at the highest level of their chosen sport.

How to Apply (for Academic Year 2020-21)

Incoming undergraduate applicants apply for their programme of choice as normal through the CAO, placing a programme at MIC as their number one choice.

Applicants will then also apply directly to MIC via an online booking form, quoting their CAO Number, programme of choice and personal statement including a sporting biography.

Incoming postgraduate applicants and current MIC students apply directly to MIC via the online booking form, quoting their application reference number/student number as applicable.

  • Deadline for receipt of applications will be 1 May 2020 (and on year of entry in subsequent years).
  • Applicants may apply for both this CAO Points Concession Sports Scheme and the Sports Scholarship scheme.
  • The application form will be available in due course on this page.
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