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Dr Deirdre Brady

Dr Deirdre Brady

MII, M.A. Ph.D
Assistant Professor/Lecturer in Business Studies

Research interests

Management Education: the role of reflective learning journals on identifying and enhancing skills and competencies for supply chain management.  My interdisciplinary research incorporates concepts from sociology, cultural studies and business.  It involves identifying the relationship between creativity and business,  the interconnections between commerce and art, and specifically communications, women's literary networks and connections, publishing enterprises and the global marketplace, past and present. Co-founder of Creative Business History Network, a cross-institutional and interdisciplinary network of scholars and practitioners in the creative industries. As a professional educator and lecturer, my teaching interests focus on the creative business sector to include teaching in communications, marketing leadership, macro-economics, innovation and entrepreneurship, with particular emphasis on sustainable practices.

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Committee Memberships

Member of Environmental and Sustainability Committee, MIC, 2023.

Member of Writers Retreat Committee, MIC, 2023.

Co-founder of the 'Creative Business History Network', a cross institutional and interdisciplinary network of scholars and practitioners, 2023


Peer-review International Publications


Brady, D. F. (2021) Literary Coteries and the Irish Women Writers’ Club (1933-1958), Liverpool: Liverpool University Press.

International Peer-Reviewed Journals

Brady, D. (2023) ‘Interconnections between Art and Commerce: Literary Prizes, Readers, and the Reading Committee of the Women Writers’ Club (1933-1958)’, English Studies, October 2023.

Brady, D. (2017) ‘Writers and the International Spirit: Irish PEN in the Postwar Years’, New Hibernia Review, 21(3), available: doi:10.1353/nhr.2017.0037.

Brady, D (2018) ‘The Road to Cuzco: An Irish woman writer’s journey to the ‘navel of the world’ Irish Migration Studies in Latin America, 9(1), available:

Brady, D. (2015) ‘Modernist Presses and the Gayfield Press’, Bibliologia, 9, 2014, 113-128.

Academic Video & Digital Platforms

The Modernist Archives Publishing Project (MAPP), (2020), ‘The Gayfield Press’ Stanford University and supported by SSHRC and CESTA, available, Gayfield Press | Modernist Archives Publishing Project

UL Talks (2018) ‘Sharing conversations with the world: Reflective Writing’ Centre of Teaching and Learning, University of Limerick., available:


Selected International Conference Presentations

Keynote Address:

Brady, D. (2023) “A wild field to a later generation”: The Irish Women Writers’ Club and their international networks’, presented at Irish Writers of the 1930s: The International Dimension, University of Almería, 16 Mar. 2023.

Forthcoming Conference

Brady, D., Delaney, Y., Farrell, J, and McCarthy, J. (2023) ‘The roles of reflective journal writing in enabling blended-learning participants to identify and develop relevant skills: the case of a supply chain program’, to be presented at the British Academy of Management, BAM 2023 Conference, 5-6 Sept, 2023 “Towards Disruptive Sustainability: New Business Opportunities and Challenges”.

Selected International Conferences

Brady, D.  (2022) “Mapping the Female Literati”: The Irish Women Writers’ Club (1933-1958), presented at Women’s History Association of Ireland Annual Conference 2022, University of Limerick & Mary Immaculate College (online), 1-9, April.

Brady, D. (2021) “Swiftian Plays and “gossipy guide books”: Reading Committees and the Irish Women Writers’ Club, presented at Collaborations & Networks, Irish Women’s Writing Network Virtual Symposium, Mary Immaculate College, 3-4 September.

Brady, D. (2018) ‘Paddy the next-best-thing’: The Irish Book Fair 1941 and the Shaping of a Distinctive Irish Literature’, presented at Innovation and Experimentation in Contemporary Irish Fiction, Leuven Centre for Irish Studies, 29 November – 1 December.

Brady, D. (2017) “‘Writers and the International Spirit’: Irish P.E.N and literary networks'”, presented at 12th annual conference of AFIS, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick 19-20 May.

Brady, D. (2016) ‘“Networks of Modernism”: Coterie Culture and the Irish Women Writers' Club (1933-1958)’, invited speaker at Marginal Irish Modernisms Research Network Symposium II: ‘Remapping the Paradigm’, Trinity College Dublin, TRIARC, 27 May.

Brady, D. (2015) ‘A Heritage of Their Own: The Women Writers’ Club’ presented at Unheard Voices: Telling Stories of Empowerment, The French Society of Irish Studies (SOFEIR), Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris, 19-21 Mar.

Brady, D. (2010) ‘‘Private Presses and the Perils of Publishing: Women and Print Culture in Mid-Twentieth Century Ireland’, presented at The Perils of Print Culture, Trinity College Dublin, 10-12 September.


Research Seminars & Invited Talks

Brady, D. (2023) ‘“A Case Study for Irish Business History: Women Writers and Irish Print Culture, 1932-1960”, presented at New Conversations in Business, Cultural History, & the Creative Industries’ inaugural symposium University of Limerick, 18 May

Brady, D. (2023) ‘Pioneering Women and The Irish Women Writers’ Club (1933-1958)’ presented at Roger Casement Summer School, dlr Lexicon, Dún Laoighaire, Dublin, 6 May.

Brady, D. (2022) ‘When Art Meets Commerce: Blanaid Salkeld (1880 - 1959) and the Gayfield Press (1937-1946)’, presented at Femfest 2022: Pioneering Women in Publishing, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, 8 March.

Brady, D. (2022) ‘A Club of One’s Own: Literary Coteries and the Irish Women Writers’ Club (1933-1958), presented at Irish Cultural Centre (ICC), Hammersmith, London, 6 April.