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Dr Richard Bowles

Dr Richard Bowles

B Ed (NUI); MSc (University of Leicester) & PhD (UL)

Research interests

Students' previous experiences of PE, the teaching of games in PE, and the impact of external personnel on the teaching of PE. Exploring the provision of meaningful experiences in PE and sport. Using self-study approaches in teaching, teacher education and sports coaching.

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Recent Publications

Bowles, R. (2022). Moving towards change: the contribution of physically educated communities. In A. M. Dolan (Ed.), Teaching climate change in primary schools (pp. 272-283). Routledge.

Bowles, R., & O Sullivan, M. (2018, July 27). Opportunity knocks: The intersections between schools, their teachers and the external provision of schooling AIESEP World Conference: Creating Thriving and Sustainable Futures, Edinburgh.

Bowles, R., & O’Dwyer, A. (2019). Athlete-centred coaching: perspectives from the sideline. Sports Coaching Review, 9(3), 231-252.

Brennan, C., Bowles, R., & Murtagh, E. (2021, April 9th). A wise head on young shoulders? Early career subject experts’ integration into the school community [Poster]. Early Career Researcher and Student Conference, Durham University.

Clohessy, L., Bowles, R., & Ní Chróinín, D. (2019). Playing to our strengths: Generalist teachers’ experiences of class swapping for primary physical education. European Physical Education Review, 26(2), 571-586.

Coulter, M., Bowles, R., & Sweeney, T. (2021). Learning to teach generalist primary teachers how to prioritize meaningful  experiences in primary education. In T. Fletcher, D. Ní Chróinín, D. Gleddie, & S. Beni (Eds.), Meaningful Physical Education: An Approach for Teaching and Learning (pp. 75-86). Routledge.

Hogan, I., Bowles, R., & Kitching, N. (2019). ‘Support is everything’: Experiences of female ladies’ Gaelic football coaches in Ireland Cluster for Research into Coaching, Worchester.

O'Dwyer, A., & Bowles, R. (2020). Exploring the Potential Value of Self-Study to Support Coach Learning. International Sport Coaching Journal, 7(1), 95-101.

O’Dwyer, A., & Bowles, R. (2021). “I’m valuing the journey as much as the destination”: Exploring shared reflection to support novice coach learning. International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching, 16(4), 1035-1044.