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Dr Brian Clancy

Dr Brian Clancy

BA; HDipEd (NUIG); Grad Dip TEFL; MA (UL) & PhD (MIC)
Lecturer Applied Linguistics

Research interests

Corpus linguistics; corpus pragmatics; language varieties; Irish English; intimate discourse; academic writing.

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Recent publications:


Journal Articles

  • Clancy, B., C. Amador-Moreno and E. Vaughan (2023). ‘There as a discourse-pragmatic marker in Irish English.’ Journal of Pragmatics, 218, 62-70. 
  • Clancy, B. (2018). ‘Conflict in corpora: Investigating family conflict using a corpus pragmatic approach.’ Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict, 6(2), 228-247.
  • Vaughan, E., M. McCarthy and B. Clancy (2017). ‘Vague category markers as turn final items in Irish English.’ World Englishes, 36(2), 208-223.

Book Chapters

  • Clancy, B. (2024). Language and Irish Travellers. In: R. Hickey (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Irish English. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 631-647.
  • Clancy, B. and E. Vaughan (2023). Using corpus linguistics to interpret economic news texts. In: H. Silke, F. Quinn and M. Rieder (eds.), How to Read Economic News: A Critical Approach to Economic Journalism. London: Routledge, 166-191. 
  • Vaughan, E., B. Clancy and E. Devereux (2023). Searching for the right word or phrase that would send a chill up the spine: A corpus-assisted discourse analysis of Mark E. Smyth’s lyrics. In: E. Devereux and M. Power (eds), Always Different, Always the Same: Critical Essays on The Fall. London: Rowman & Littlefield, 149-170. 
  • Clancy, B. (2022). Building a corpus to represent a variety of a language. In: A. O’Keeffe and M. McCarthy (eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Corpus Linguistics (2nd edition). London: Routledge, 62-74. 

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