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Dr Eamonn Mitchell

Dr Eamonn Mitchell

B Ed, Dip in Religion, M Ed (MIC/UL); Ed D (QUB)
Lecturer & School Placement Coordinator

Research interests

Initial teacher education; school placement; reflective inquiry; philosophy of education; care in education; (auto)biographical research; visual arts in education; teacher identity; arts-based educational research, and self-study.

More information


  • Young, AM., Ní Dhuinn, M., Mitchell, E., Ó Conaill, N., and Uí Choistealbha, J., 2022. "Disorienting Dilemmas and Transformative Learning for School Placement Teacher Educators during COVID-19: Challenges and Possibilities", Journal of Education for Teaching : Special Issue - Learning from COVID-19: continuity or change in teacher education?, (accepted), DOI: 10.1080/02607476.2022.2082274 
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  • Ní Chróinín, D., Mitchell, E., Kenny, A., Murtagh, E., and Vaughan, E., 2013. "How can pre-service primary teachers’ perspectives contribute to a pedagogy that problematises the ‘practical’ in teacher education?", Irish Educational Studies, 32(2), 251-267.

Peer-Reviewed Conferences

  • Young, AM, Ní Dhuinn, M., Mitchell, E., Ó Conaill, N., and Uí Choistealbha, J., 2022. "The COVID-19 practicum experience in Initial Teacher Education: A new means to an end", ATEE Spring Conference. Teacher Education and Practice: Foresight and Hindsight, Marino, Dublin, May 25-27.
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  • MIC, 2021. "Institutional Report for School Placement: Innovation Report to the Teaching Council", co-authored by Ó Conaill. N., Mitchell, E., and Ring, E., 2/7/2021


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