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Research Skills & Training

The Research & Graduate School at MIC is committed to supporting postgraduate researchers to develop the skills they need to progress with their research and to plan for the next stage in their careers, whether in academia or elsewhere.

Research Skills Seminars

Research skills seminars include:

  • Research Skills
  • Career Management
  • Research Ethics and Integrity
  • Communication Skills
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Project Management
  • Applying for Funding.

In addition, regular seminars on Thesis Examination and 'Surviving the Viva' encourage students to plan and prepare for degree completion.

Research skills schedules, presentations and links to webinars are available in the RGS Research Skills section of the Research and Graduate School intranet. 

For further details about the research skills & training offered at MIC, contact the Graduate School Director, Dr Julianne Stack at or