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Research Ethics


The Mary Immaculate Research Ethics Committee (MIREC) has responsibility for all aspects of research ethics insofar as they relate to research projects carried out by MIC staff and MIC postgraduate researchers where the projects involve human participants.

MIREC will support supervisors and researchers in ensuring that the research is carried out to the highest possible standards, with regard for the welfare of human participants and in accordance with recognised legal, professional and ethical standards.

All research involving human participants conducted by a member of staff and/or postgraduate researchers as part of his/her professional activity/course of study requires prior approval by MIREC.

Research involving human participants includes the physical participation of people in research projects as well as their involvement through provision of, or access to, personal data not already in the public domain.

More detailed information about, and application forms for, MIREC are available on the RGS Intranet.

MIREC Adminstrator
Mary Collins
+ 353 61 204980
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