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MIC Thurles to host free event to help second level teachers tackle maths anxiety in students

MIC Thurles front building

Mary Immaculate College and the Mathematical Resilience Network (MRN) Ireland branch will host a free one-day mathematics anxiety workshop for second level teachers and support staff on Saturday 9 March.

The workshop is primarily aimed at teachers of Mathematics and related subjects such as Science, Engineering and Technology, as well as to support staff and teachers who encounter maths and statistics anxiety in other fields.

The event will bring together teachers, researchers, academics and mathematics support-staff from across Ireland and the UK to share expertise and foster collaboration around heightening awareness of maths anxiety and building mathematical resilience. Participants will hear about the latest research on addressing maths anxiety in post-primary schools and learn about the tools to help their students become more confident with maths.

Mathematics anxiety is a psychological phenomenon in which a person experiences fear, tension, or discomfort when faced with mathematical tasks or situations; this can have a range of negative effects on students’ academic performance and well-being as well as wider implications for academic and career prospects.

Dr Maria Ryan, Associate Professor in Business Studies at MIC, is co-chair of the Mathematical Resilience Network Ireland branch. Speaking in advance of the workshop, Dr Ryan said: “Mathematics anxiety is prevalent across education sectors, and is debilitating for many individuals in academic and everyday contexts. However, with the right support and resources learners can overcome the challenges of maths anxiety and become confident, resilient learners of maths.

“As co-chair of the MRN Ireland branch, I am delighted to host this important workshop at MIC Thurles, School of Post-Primary Education. This is a wonderful opportunity to work with second level teachers and support staff to help address the challenges posed by maths anxiety as well as exploring the many practical ways in which students can be supported.”

Mathematical Resilience Network Ireland Branch
Mathematical Resilience Network Ireland Branch
MRN Ireland branch co-founders, Dr Maria Ryan (MIC) and Dr Julie Crowley (MTU)

The free workshop takes place at MIC Thurles (E41 C424) on Saturday 9 March from 9.30am-3.30pm. You can register your place on Eventbrite by clicking here.

The Mathematical Resilience Network was founded with the intention of supporting academic and practitioner research that uses the Mathematical Resilience Framework in addressing mathematics anxiety. The MRN Ireland branch was launched in June 2023 by Dr Maria Ryan and Dr Julie Crowley (MTU) with a growing membership across the education sector since. For further information on the MRN Ireland branch you can email or visit its website here.