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CAO 2023: Next Steps

Male and female student talking in front of MIC building

The CAO Round 1 offers were made today (Wednesday) and MIC is looking forward to welcoming over a thousand new students to our campuses in Limerick and Thurles in the next few weeks. The whole process of receiving your CAO points, accepting your place and preparing to begin your third level journey may seem daunting, so we have prepared this handy guide to help you through the next steps.

CAO offers – what next?

CAO Round 1 offers were released on Wednesday afternoon. The offers made to applicants in Round 1 will be available online and applicants will also be alerted to offers via both email and text message. Those who are offered a place in Round 1 have until 3pm on Tuesday 5 September to accept their place.

If you’ve missed out on your preferred course in Round 1, you may be offered a place in Round 2. These offers will be made at 2pm on 11 September and the deadline for accepting Round 2 offers is 3pm on 13 September.  

If you are accepting an offer under either Round 1 or Round 2, you will get an enrolment pack from MIC which will contain all the of the information you will need to know about orientation and beginning your third level journey. You can also decide to defer your place at MIC. If you wish to do this, you need to email at least two days before the ‘reply date’ on your CAO offer.

You can find out more about CAO offers on the CAO website by clicking here.


If you accept an offer to study at MIC, you will receive details of orientation in your digital enrolment pack. Orientation is an important and exciting first step in your college experience. During orientation, you will be set up with all the things you will need, such as getting your student ID number, your student card, and your student email login details. You’ll also be given a tour of the campus to help familiarise yourself with classrooms, lecture halls and student amenities. Remember, orientation is also a great chance to meet new people and make life-long friends! It can be daunting to strike up a conversation with a stranger but don’t forget that you are all going through the same new experience, so don’t be shy!

You can click here to find out more about your course-specific orientation schedule. Again, any of the details you need will also be sent to you in your digital enrolment pack.

MIC's CAO Points 2023

MI002 Bachelor of Arts 280

MI003 Bachelor of Science in Psychology 484

MI004 Bachelor of Education International 558

MI005 Bachelor of Education - Primary Teaching 497

MI006 Bachelor of Education - Primary Teaching - Gealtacht Applicants 457

MI007 BA in Early Childhood Care and Education 390

MI008 Bachelor of Education and Psychology - Primary Teaching 577

MI009 BA in Education, Business Studies and Accounting (Thurles Campus) 419

MI010 BA in Education, Business Studies and Religious Studies (Thurles Campus) 389

MI011 BA in Education, Irish and Religions Studies (Thurles Campus) 424

MI012 BA in Education, Irish and Business Studies (Thurles Campus) 451

MI013 BA in Education, Mathematics and Gaeilge (Thurles Campus) 477

MI014 BA in Education, Mathematics and Business Studies (Thurles Campus) 462

M1015 BA in Education, Home Economics & Business Studies 509