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Mexican Students graduate from MIC with Masters of Education

6 Mexican Students who attended graduation Masters of Education Oct 2021

Mexican Students Graduate with Masters of Education from MIC

In 2019, MIC welcomed 100 student teachers from Mexico to campus for a 3-week academic programme, which was a huge success and saw MIC develop strong links with Mexico. Nine of these students returned to Limerick for the 2020/2021 academic year to study on the Master of Education. All 9 students successfully completed the programme, further enhancing their knowledge and skills as educators, and graduated on Friday 22nd October.

The MIC community was delighted that 6 of these students were able to attend the ceremony in person- ¡Felicidades!, Comhghairdeas!, Congratulations!

Photo (l-r)

Cinthia Regino Martínez, Keren De La Rosa Pérez, Berenice Llanos Ayala, Brenda Villarreal Córdova, Mayra Aguilar Martínez and Carolina Murrieta Salazar