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Broad Selection of Onsite, Online & Blended Summer CPD courses available at MIC

Summer CPD courses for primary school teachers Mary Immaculate College

Topics include STEM, Coaching, Literacy, Integration, Self-Care, ICT & More

Mary Immaculate College has launched its popular summer school programme for primary teachers for 2019, and bookings are now being taken for a range of onsite, online and blended courses designed to reflect the ever-changing and diverse professional needs of teachers.  

Director of Continuing Professional Development at MIC, Dr Cathal de Paor explained: “We’re delighted to be again offering a range of continuing professional development opportunities through our summer school for July 2019. Courses that teachers have enjoyed over the years are still there, but there are also new courses which teachers should find very beneficial for their CPD.”

Online courses account for an increasing share of the CPD provision offered by the College. However, the first weeks of July remain a very busy time on campus when teachers who have opted for onsite courses gather to attend over several days.

Many of the courses are offered with the support of other organisations such as the GAA and PDST Technology in Education. The Bedford Row Family Project, in partnership with MIC, will undertake a face-to-face summer course at its Limerick City facility in the form of the Teacher’s Self-Care Programme. 

Further information is available at and for a full list, see below. 


  • STEM Project—Developing Literacy Skills in the Primary Science Classroom
  • Exploring Local History
  • Gaelic games in the Primary School—Advanced Course
  • Interactive White Boards in the Primary School
  • Integrating Robotics across the Primary School Curriculum
  • Self-Care Programme for Teachers


  • Building Bridges of Understanding—A Strategic Approach to Children’s Comprehension Development
  • Embracing Diversity and Nurturing Integration
  • The Co-operating Teacher and School Placement—Understanding the Role and Working with the Student Teacher


  • Gaelic Games in the Primary School—A Cross-Curricular Approach
  • Godly Play in the Primary School Classroom

For more information on Summer CPD courses, contact: