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Searching for Materials

Search All should be your starting point to check if the book, journal or other material you need is available.

If you only want to search for journals search the Journals. If you only want print journals there is a bound list at the Issue Desk giving the titles and the locations in the library.

Summon will cross-search selected databases for articles. As not all databases are listed you should search the Library Databases pages for individual databases or subject lists.

Copies of Ph.D. and Master's theses written by MIC students are held on the First Floor of the library. You can search for these using Search All and selecting Dissertation/Thesis under Content Type menu.

Some theses can be found online in MIRR.

Print copies of The Irish Times, Irish Independent, Irish Examiner and Limerick Leader are held in the library for three months. Ask at Issue Desk.

Newspapers on microfilm are held in the Audio-Visual library on the First Floor. Newspapers are also available online

Newspapers and the National Folklore Collection are held in microfilm on the First Floor. Ask at the Issue Desk.

These are held on the First Floor of the library and can be searched using Search All and selecting Library Catalogue and choosing the appropriate resource under the Content Type menu.