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Ordering Material for the Library

It is generally MIC Academic Staff who order new items, but anyone is welcome to suggest titles that are relevant to courses taught in Mary Immaculate College.

Journal purchases are an ongoing financial commitment and absorb a large amount of the library budget.  Normally, a new subscription can only be taken out if the department cancels an existing title of equivalent value.

First search the library catalogue to check if the book is already in stock. Order requests may be submitted in several ways:

Submit order requests to and include the following details:

  • Title, author, publication details
  • Whether each book is a core, supplementary text or research material
  •  Module (s) book attached to
  • Approximate number of students on  module

Once an order had been sent to a bookseller the title appears in the library catalogue. To check the progress of an order search the library catalogue in the usual way.

Having identified the item in the catalogue, click on “Show Copy

If the item is not yet in the library it will indicate “On Order

Items indicated as “Awaiting processing” means they have arrived in the library but not yet available on the library shelves.

If you require an item that is “Awaiting Processing”, simply fill in an Item Awaiting Processing form; these forms are available at the Service Desks. Once the item is processed, which we will endeavour to do as quickly as possible, it will be placed on the reservation shelf for you and you will get an email alerting you to this.

It generally takes between 1-3 months to acquire items, depending on availability with publishers. When a staff member orders an item, they will be notified by email when the item goes on the shelf and is available for use.

For additional information about the progress of an order please email: