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Programme Assessment

Assessment and Feedback in teaching

For many student's assessment is the means to an end, it dictates what they learn and how they will learn it.

"Assessment makes more difference to the way that students spend their time, focus their effort, and perform, than any other aspect of the courses they study, including the teaching. In addition to measuring what student have achieved, assessment is an important learning tool." (Gibbs, 2010)

Assessment provides:

  • Opportunities for students to receive feedback on their learning
  • Feedback to the teacher on how their student is performing in the learning environment
  • Opportunities for students to self and peer learn.

Assessment can take place at the

  • Programmatic level across modules, which allows learners to integrate learning from various modules, develop a diverse profile of assessment and balance teaching resources.
  • Module level within each subject the student is assessed.

Where possible assessment should be (National Forum, 2017):

  • Clear and understandable by all students and staff. The EAT framework by Carol Evans (2018) provides some excellent guidelines.
  • Guided by learning outcomes. TESTA provides excellent workshop resources for guiding programmatic assessment
  • Diverse and where relevant authentic and work based
  • Manageable
  • Facilitate further learning and self regulation

How can we help you.

Assessment and Feedback in MIC is guided by our Assessment and Feedback Policy.  We provide:

  • Workshops to guide faculty on programmatic assessment approaches
  • Guidance on assessment and feedback design including, alternative forms of assessment and e-assessment
  • Research expertise on measuring the impact of assessment on your students learning and experience



Mary Immaculate College Assessment and Feedback Policy

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