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Essential Information

What Can I Study?

Every year, Mary Immaculate College (MIC) welcomes students from a range of international locations to study at the College on study abroad and exchange programmes. MIC has formal partnerships with numerous colleges and universities in Europe and around the world to facilitate exchanges but otherwise, with the agreement of your home institution, students may study at MIC by paying the requisite tuition fees.

It is recommended that international study abroad and exchange students take a minimum of four course modules (24 ECTS) per semester of study at Mary Immaculate College.

Please note: Module listings above are subject to change and in the case of the Education and Early Childhood Care & Education modules above, international students may only take them if there is a formal link with their home institution.

Students can also choose from the following subjects:

Beginners Irish Language (Gaeilge ab initio) Course (6 ECTS Credits) 
Gaeilge ab Initio is an Irish language course for beginners, concentrating on the spoken language. The emphasis is on the basic communication skills and grammar of the language, allowing the students to converse in Irish on matters concerning themselves and their interests. Course content includes: background and history of the Irish Language; Irish language today; Irish mythology; introduction to Irish place-names and Gaeltachtaí (Irish-speaking areas).

English as a Foreign Language (6 ECTS Credits) / English for Academic Purposes (6 ECTS Credits)
Courses in English language are offered in both the Autumn and Spring semesters. These modules are designed to meet the language needs of intermediate to advanced non-native speakers of English studying at university level. Students are assigned to the appropriate module based on their language proficiency. Language needs analysis is conducted to tailor course content to respond to students’ requirements. Each course is worth 6 ECTS.

How do I Apply?

Study Abroad / Exchange / Erasmus+

Mary Immaculate College welcomes applications from students from other universities interested in studying with us for one semester or one academic year. 

With the agreement of their home institution, students can pay the required tuition fees, or if there is an MIC student to send to the home institution in exchange, fees will not be applicable.

Students coming under the Erasmus+ exchange programme are not liable for tuition fees.

Application and Registration

For students wishing to study at MIC in spring 2023, you must be nominated by your university Study Abroad Coordinator by Friday 14 October 2022.

Once you are nominated you must complete the Application Form (below) electronically and email it to:

Closing dates for receipt of applications

  • We regret that Spring 2023 nominations are now closed. If you require further information, please contact
  • 31 March 2023 for international exchange students arriving for Autumn semester 2023

Please note that due to accommodation shortages nationwide, it may be necessary to close applications earlier this academic year to ensure that students are not nominated without a place to stay. Therefore, the sooner nominations are received, the better.

International orientation and registration take place at MIC the week before the semester commences. 

2022/23 Study Abroad/Non-EU Exchange/Erasmus+ Exchange Application form (all disciplines)
Download the MIC International Student Application Form here.


International Office
Dr. Sandra Aline Wagner
+353 61 204334


Study Abroad

If your home institution has no formal links to Mary Immaculate College, you may study at MIC if your home institution agrees that you can apply. Unless an MIC student travels to your home institution in your place, you must pay tuition and other fees.

Visa and travel costs vary.

It is estimated that a budget of approximately €300 per week covers accommodation, meals and other living costs. Individual budgets vary depending on the cost of accommodation and level of personal expenditure.


If your home institution has a partnership with Mary Immaculate College, you may be able to study at MIC without paying for tuition.

Visa and travel costs vary.

It is estimated that a budget of approximately €300 per week covers accommodation, meals and other living costs. Individual budgets vary depending on the cost of accommodation and level of personal expenditure.

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar contains dates of teaching weeks, study days, examination dates and Exam Board meetings throughout the autumn and spring semesters of each academic year.


If you are embarking on a full undergraduate or postgraduate programme at MIC, timetables for your classes will be made available at the start of each semester. To see individual programme timetables, click here for Academic Calendar & Semester Timetables.

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