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Cost of Study Abroad

Costs for study abroad vary according to the destination and institution, as well as variable factors like exchange rates and indeed, individual students' personal preferences and spending habits.

EU - Erasmus+ KA131

Grants are available for participants in the Erasmus+ KA131 programme, the value of which depends on the location of the university and the duration of the mobility. For more information, contact the International Office.


Total estimated costs for US depend on the location chosen and can vary from approximately €9,000 to €11,000 per semester (excluding flights and visa costs) but including health insurance, pre-paid campus accommodation and meal plans.

The estimated costs for studying in Australia are approximately €6,000 - €8,000 per semester. This would include rent, food and essential living expenses.

Tuition Fees are paid by students to MIC while on exchange for a semester or year abroad.