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French Studies


French Studies can be taken as part of the MIC Arts Degree as a joint honours combination.

You are curious, open-minded and always eager to learn about other cultures and you are aware of the significant impact France has had throughout history in the shaping of the world and values that we share. You want to learn more about French and Francophone culture and you know that studying French to degree level will give you a real edge on the Irish and International job market. If you want to work or simply travel abroad, your ability to speak French will make the world your oyster!

French is the fourth most spoken language in the world, with over 250 million speakers across all five continents and is also one of the official languages of many international institutions, such as the United Nations. To communicate in French is to share in a vibrant and diverse cultural heritage whose presence is felt on every continent around the globe.

You will learn about French society, literature and culture as well as improving your language skills. You will use a wide range of materials to aid your study, including textbooks, newspapers, film, radio, TV and internet.

French can be studied in MIC at both beginners and advanced level. Students who did not do French for their Leaving Certificate can take French for beginners in first and second year, before joining other students of French in the fourth and final year of their degree. Like advanced students, beginners spend their third year abroad studying in one of our partner universities in France or in another French-speaking country.

The programme is designed to consolidate and build upon students’ existing language skills (or, for the beginners, to help them learn French from scratch) and to introduce them to various aspects of French culture, including history, society, media, cinema and literature. Coursework is conducted primarily through French (except in first year and for beginners), with written assignments in French and English. Language work is a mix of formal lectures and tutorials, language laboratory practice and self-directed learning using multimedia resources and CALL (Computer-Assisted Language Learning). These activities are integrated with lecture courses on French history and society.

Second and final year courses bring more detailed study of an eclectic mix of poetry, theatre, and novels from the 18th century to the present day. In third year, BA students will normally spend their off-campus year in a French-speaking country, either as an Erasmus student at a French university or in a variety of work placements.

Graduates find work in a wide range of careers including:

  • International Business
  • European and Irish public service
  • Interpreting and Translating
  • Journalism
  • PR and Marketing
  • Teaching (Professional Master of Education required)
  • Tourism
  • The media and information industry
  • MA/PhD Research
  • Professional Master of Education (Modern Languages)
Head of Department, French Studies
Dr Loïc Guyon
+353 61 204352
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