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Knowledge Sharing Activities

Mary Immaculate College is identifying knowledge sharing activities, which can assist migrants, refugees and asylum seekers pursue their learning goals.

A group of colleagues in the Faculty of Education have formed the ‘Migrant, Refugee and Asylum Seeker Learners Response Group’ to address the needs of teachers to support inclusion in the classroom and school. As part of this a national needs analysis is currently being undertaken with 3200 primary schools so that our response meets educational and pedagogical needs. In addition, there is an aim to deliver the online ‘MIC Teaching for Inclusion Seminar Series’ to support and share knowledge with the wider teaching community to help support an ethos and practice of diversity, inclusion and integration in the classroom and schools. If any of you are interested in contributing and sharing your knowledge please email

We are exploring with the Department of English Language and Literacy the roll out of English Language courses over the summer months (perhaps beyond) to improve literacy and conversational skills and/or to prepare for academic programmes aimed at Ukraine and other displaced citizens.  

Some other Departments (French and German) are looking at ways to share their knowledge and courses though an auditing process.