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This page contains helpful information as well as a list of LGBT-specific supports.

Helpful Information

All Gender Toilets

You may have noticed MIC's first All Gender Toilet in the Foundation Building. There are also available in JHN and Thurles. More to come in TARA. This is part of our work to support trans staff and students. An All Gender toilet is one which can be used by a person of any gender or gender identity.


What are pronouns?

Ways people refer to themselves – often related to gender e.g. he/she/they.

A pronoun is a word by which we refer to someone without using their name. For example you can say “Sebastian is an excellent dancer, he teaches ballet and hip-hop.” The “he” in the second part of that sentence is the pronoun by which you referred to Sebastian.

How to be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community

Gender Neutral Language

Although we may have been conditioned by society to assume people’s pronouns, by making a conscious effort not to do so we can create a more inclusive environment for those around us. When addressing groups of people try to avoid binary language such as saying “ladies and gentlemen” or “boys and girls,” instead consider using language that is gender neutral such as friends, classmates or everybody. 

Some people like to put their pronouns up (on emails etc) to support others

Adding a line to the end of your email that outlines which pronouns you prefer to be addressed by can normalise the conversation around gender pronouns.

Putting your pronouns in your bio or email signature is a small gesture which signals your support for trans and non-binary folks. Click here for a quick explainer on ShoutOut that you can link to wherever you list your pronouns.

LGBT Supports

GOSHH is a charity which provides a safe, confidential, welcoming environment for everyone we work with. Their office is based in Limerick City and they work throughout the Counties of Limerick, Clare, and North Tipperary. They focus on the promotion of equality and wellbeing of all with a positive and respectful approach to sexual orientation and gender diversity.

TENI is a non-profit member-driven organisation, founded in 2006 and registered as a company limited by guarantee in February 2010. The governance is provided by a volunteer Board and operations are led by the Chief Executive and staff. Community engagement is an essential part of TENI’s identity.

Gordon Grehan from the Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) facilitated two workshops with staff on 14 May 2022. The interactive workshop included an explanation of the language we use to differentiate between sex, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation, as well as what life is like for a trans person living in Ireland. Staff from across the college attended and it was very well received by those who attended. We will have similar workshops later in the year. 

Watch this video on YouTube for some insights into the experience of transgender people in Ireland.

ShoutOut promotes inclusion through education by delivering LGBTQ+ Educational Programmes in schools, workplaces and with service providers.

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