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EDII Committees


The aim of MIC’s EDII infrastructure is to create a set of working groups/committees, policies and practices to support the embedding of EDII across MIC. These include: Reporting into the Equality Committee and Executive Team, restructure the Gender Equality Committee to broadens its scope to wider EDII issues and attain approval for the EDII Implementation Committee, to create the EDII Champions and develop Terms of Reference, establish the MIC LGBT+ Staff Network, the Ukraine Response Groups and College of Sanctuary Team.

Equality Committee

The work of the EDII Office reports quarterly to Equality Committee that is sub-committee of An tÚdaras Rialiathe (Governing Authority). The aim of the Equality Committee is to create a workplace and learning environment of the highest quality, characterised by equality of access and opportunity, diversity and best practice in adherence to statutory provision for equality.  Membership of the Equality Committee includes the MIC President, MIC Vice President for Administration and Finance, HR Manager, Director of Student Life, President of MI Student’s Union, Representative of Professional Services and Academic Staff, EDII Manager and EDII Director and is Chaired by a member of An tÚdaras Rialiathe.

Equality Committee Terms of Reference

EDII Implementation Committee

The EDII Implementation Committee is a subcommittee of the Equality Committee and aims to oversee the strategic development and mainstreaming of EDII at MIC. Membership of this Committee includes the MIC Vice President Governance and Strategy, Director HR, Dean of Arts, Dean of Education, MI Student’s Union President, five EDII Champions and Chaired by the EDII Director. To convene the EDII Implementation Committee in September 2022, establish a quarterly annual meeting cycle, to create an action orientated approach towards the embedding of EDII across the College. 

EDII Implementation Committee Terms of Reference

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