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Text Alert Service


The MIC Text Alert Service is free to all students and allows the College to send a mobile phone text alert to students to provide them with important and relevant information regarding their academic affairs and College operations.

In order for this service to work, the College must have access to all students' current mobile phone numbers.

When undergraduate and postgraduate students enroll at MIC for the first time, their mobile phone number is collected along with other personal details and this information is recorded and maintained by the College on a secure database. The MIC Text Alert Service uses this database for the purpose of providing important information by text message.

Changing your mobile phone number

Undergraduate students can update their personal contact details, including mobile phone number, at any time by logging onto the Online Student Records system. This is the system students use to complete their online registration during Week 1 of each Academic Year; at that time they should ensure all their contact details are correct. In the event that these details change during the course of the year, students may log on to this system at any other time (except during grading) to review or amend their personal information.

Returning postgraduate students who are required to register online should ensure that their details are correct and should amend them in the event of any changes. In all other cases, such changes should be notified to the Research and Graduate School Office immediately.

How will the College protect my phone number?

Mary Immaculate College is protected by and complies with Data Protection Legislation, the Articles of the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and has policies in place to ensure compliance with this legislation. The College provides an assurance to all individuals supplying personal information that such data will be stored securely, will not be passed on to third parties and will only be used to serve the purpose for which it is sought. Mobile phone numbers drawn from College records in order to operate the MIC Text Alert Service during Academic Year 2021-22 will only be used to contact students and to provide vital information in the event of an emergency affecting the College.


If any student has a query regarding the MIC Text Alert Service, they may seek further information by contacting Ciara.NiShuilleabhain@mic.ul….

Text Alert Service
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