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Important Notice

COVID 19 Public Health Measures state that mass gatherings must be capped at a maximum capacity of 50 people. That being the case, it is with deep regret that it simply will not be possible to proceed with our 2020 Autumn Conferring Ceremonies as hoped. 

Conferring ceremonies are an occasion of great celebration, one to be enjoyed in the company of your family and friends and all those who supported you along the journey, and so we appreciate the disappointment that you will feel on receipt of this news. This decision was not made lightly, rather it was made in the context of prioritisation of public health concerns and to ensure the safety and well-being of you, your families and indeed our staff.

We have recently formed a working group, comprising of management and MISU, to explore various alternatives to the four large-scale physical conferring ceremonies which were due to take place in October 2020. Alternative options currently being examined include the hosting of a number of small physically-distanced conferring ceremonies to be held next semester, guidelines permitting; deferred large-scale academic achievement ceremonies to be held sometime in the future, again when guidelines allow; or a virtual celebration of academic achievements to be hosted on-line next semester.  These and other options will be explored in collaboration with MISU before any joint decision is made.

In the interim we are mindful of the need for receipt of parchments for employment purposes. In order to receive a parchment all graduands must first officially graduate and so in the absence of the physical conferring ceremony this October we propose to host a remote conferring ceremony in its place whereby the President of UL will officially confer Graduands with their degree in absentia.  Details of this event will be communicated closer to the date.

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