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Please Note: Requests for replacement documents/ID cards may take a number of days to be processed and posted or made available for collection.

Completing this Form

  1. **Please use a desktop or laptop computer, with a browser like Google Chrome, to complete this form.** Mobile users may experience issues.
  2. Please fill in all the fields required, including your student email address (not personal email address). In 'Payment Details', all fields must be filled i.e. if Billing Address Line 3 does not apply to you, put 0 [zero] in the box. Characters aside from letters and numbers in any field may cause an error i.e. punctuation marks.
  3. When you have entered all the relevant information, double-check it before scrolling to the bottom of the form. The total fee to be charged will be calculated at the end.
  4. If prompted, complete the reCAPTCHA task set and/or tick the reCAPTCHA box [this is a security measure].
  5. If your payment is successful, you will receive a message on-screen and a confirmation email to your student email account. Please check that the summary is correct.
  6. If your payment is unsuccessful, you will receive an error message on-screen. This can occur for several reasons, most commonly: One or more fields for 'Payment Details' or in the 'Card Details' pop-up have not been filled in or have incorrect information in them i.e. a digit is wrong in a number of code, the name on the card does not match the field/The reCAPTCHA task has not been completed and/or the reCAPTCHA box has not been ticked/There are insufficient funds in the account linked to the card/The user has not completed 2-step verification required by the bank. 
  7. If you have paid you will receive a payment confirmation and reference number. If you do not receive confirmation within 24 hours your application attempt may not have been successful, so please email to confirm receipt of payment. 

Important Note: MIC does not store any credit card details. Payments are processed through Realex.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and security. All personal data collected will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which you can review here.

If you have difficulty completing this online process, contact

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