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Blog: Psychfest 2019

by Psychology

Final year Psychology students recently showcased their undergraduate research projects as part of the Psychfest event at Mary Immaculate College, on March 26th.

Psychfest ran for the entire day across two separate venues. Over 50 individual presenters talked about their work and discussed their findings, covering an exceptionally wide range of topics – from interviews with groups about their attitudes to charitable giving, to eye tracking research into how people understand facial expressions of emotion. In addition to providing students with a chance to present their work to the MIC community, there is a celebratory tone to the event as it marks the undergraduate degree drawing to a close and represents the culmination of students’ training in Psychology.

“Psychfest serves multiple roles” said Dr John Perry, Head of the Department of Psychology at MIC, at the opening address. “First and foremost, it is a celebration of the tremendous independent work completed by our undergraduate students of psychology. It is a real pleasure to not only see students presenting their work, but to look at the audience of supportive peers and supervisors knowing that the achievement is an experience shared among a community. Secondly, Psychfest provides students with an opportunity to articulate their work and ideas to an audience. This aids the development of incredibly valuable skills and helps prepare those wishing to deliver presentations on their research at upcoming conferences. Third, it is a social gathering. It is an enjoyable and relaxed occasion allowing students to reflect on their journey at MIC with their peers”.

For more details on the list of presenters and their research studies, the colloquium abstract book is available here.