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Counselling Service


Mary Immaculate College provides a professional Counselling Service available to all students, free of charge.

This service provides all students with the opportunity to talk in a confidential setting about any issues which she or he may not feel comfortable discussing with anyone else. A counselling relationship is one of warmth and safety, where a student feels supported and listened to.

Support is provided for many issues, such as: Stress, panic/anxiety attacks, crisis pregnancy, eating disorders, bereavement, exam stress, post-abortion, depression, relationships, sexual/emotional/physical abuse, gender issues, bullying, confidence/self-esteem issues, feeling suicidal, family issues, addictive behaviours, and others.

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, a blended model will be employed for delivery of counselling support to students in the first semester of A/Y 2020-21

This will consist of a daily presence of a counsellor on campus, in particular for the hour-long drop in at 11-12 as initial point of contact for students.

Together with this, we will adopt a generic email address whereby for students who are off-campus can make contact and plan how they can best avail of counselling support. This email address is

Support will be offered as follows:

  • Initial drop-in meeting on campus with on-duty counsellor/counsellors, for screening and/or to set up an individual plan for face to face /online counselling support
  • Alternatively, if the student’s initial point of contact is via email to generic counselling address, counsellor will assess the student’s needs & counsellor availability, and make an individual support plan for the student, accordingly
  • Non face-to-face counselling will be offered via Zoom or other online platform; also by telephone counselling as per individual agreement between counsellor & student.
  • On a needs basis, online support group sessions for bereavement / anxiety/ exam stress etc. will be setup

MIC counsellors may have differing health requirements re physical presence on campus, but a mixture of the support approaches listed above should guarantee a smooth running of the Counselling Service. As always a strong co-operative team approach will be taken by counsellors.

A strong emphasis of co-operation with other College support services will continue

Counselling Service, MIC Limerick
Brid O'Connell/Nessa Breen
+353 61 204948 / +353 61 204919
Counselling Service, MIC Thurles
Fiona O'Dwyer
+353 504 32033 / +353 87 9088710


The fact-sheets* below can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant links. They contain information on dealing with personal issues; should any of the information contained in them affect you, please contact the student counsellors.

* The fact-sheets have been provided courtesy of the Student Counselling Service at Trinity College Dublin.


MIC offers a professional counselling service available to students to help you as you progress through College life.

Most personal or relationship issues can be helped through counselling; this includes self-esteem/confidence issues, exam, stress, panic/anxiety attacks, depression, feeling suicidal, family and/or relationship difficulties, sexual problems or identity issues.

It also includes adjusting to a new environment, or dealing with difficult decisions, as well as more specific problems such as addictions, eating disorders, crisis pregnancy, post-abortion, bullying, bereavement and abuse.

You can contact any one of us directly by email or phone. Sometimes people just drop in for a chat once to see how it feels and then decide whether or not to come back. It's up to you.

Counselling is not the same as giving advice. It is basically a relationship with another person where you are free to talk about issues you may not feel comfortable discussing with anyone else. This relationship will be one of warmth and safety, where you feel supported and listened to.

Yes; the service is confidential and operates within the terms of confidentiality as laid down by the IAUCC (Irish Association for University and College Counsellors) Code of Ethics and Practice.

This means that nothing you talk about is disclosed to anyone outside of the service without your expressed permission, except in exceptional circumstances regarding safety.

Nessa Breen and Brid O'Connell are professionally trained and widely experienced counsellors/psychotherapists who are used to helping people from many different backgrounds with a wide variety of personal issues.

The service is free and is available to all undergraduate and postgraduate students of Mary Immaculate College.

If there's something really overwhelming you and dragging you down, please come and talk to us. That's why we're here.


Nessa Breen

Counselling Service
  • Phone: +353 61 204919
  • Email:
  • Location: T311

Bríd O'Connell

Counselling Service
  • Phone: +353 61 204948
  • Email:
  • Location: T312
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