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Online Newspapers - Ireland

The Irish Newspaper Archive is a database that holds digitised archived regional and national Irish newspapers. The views of the newspapers are as  they would have appeared in their print version. This is a work in progress and coverage is not always complete.


The Irish Times consists of two databases which can be searched together or separately:

  1. Proquest Historical Newspapers: The Irish Times (1859 - 2019)
  2. Irish Times (1995 - current)

Also, there is free access to the current edition on the Irish Times website:
Irish Times (Current)


Online Newspapers - International

19th Century US Newspapers

Nexis - Full-text articles from an extensive range of regional, national and international newspapers.  To access Irish newspapers titles, select “Irish Publications” from the Sources drop down menu. It is updated daily.

British Newspaper Archive - the free to view collection
The Free To View Collection, of the British Newspaper Archive, includes 3.5 million pages of newspapers, spanning 1798 - 1900, from the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Antigua. Please ensure the Free To View filter remains ticked as you search

Proquest Historical Newspapers - US:-

Chicago Defender  (1909-2010)
Chicago Tribune     (1849-1998)
New York Times     (1851-2017)
Washington Post    (1877-2004)
Times Digital Archive - Covers the Times (London) from 1785 - 2014.

Newspapers on Microfilm

The Library holds a large number of titles on microfilm including the Freeman's Journal (1763-1924) and 20th Century Irish Political and Radical Newspapers. It also holds  regional newspapers including the Limerick Leader (1893 - ) and Limerick Chronicle (1871- ).

Microfilm listing - A list of titles available on microfilm.

Other Newspaper databases

National Library of Ireland Newspaper Index -  A list of newspaper titles held in the National Library of Ireland, including information from the Newsplan Project.

Online Newspapers - Newspapers from around the world.