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At MIC we aim to give students a very positive experience; but college life can also bring challenges, both personal and academic. That’s why we offer a range of holistic supports designed to help students if and when they may need them.

Our ultimate goal is to provide services, activities, and resources that maintain the College's educational enterprise while also supporting our students personally as they learn, grow, and change while at MIC.

Director of Student Life

The journey to, and through, college is unique to every individual student. Dr Geraldine Brosnan, Director of Student Life, works to ensure students have a positive experience at MIC.

Student supports are such an important part of college life. Aisling and James will take you through the supports available to all students at MIC.

Take the 360 video tour of our student supports, which range from a Chaplaincy service to MIC Limerick's on-campus Medical Centre.

MIC Limerick provides an on-campus, professional chaplaincy service for students of all faiths and of none. Explore our Chaplaincy office here.

A male doctor pictured sitting at a desk with a desktop computer and keyboard. He is wearing a face mask.

The Limerick Campus Student Medical Centre is available for all students of MIC and provides a range of services.

Three male students pictured sitting at a wooden picnic table. There is a chapel in the background.

MIC offers a wide range of services to support students throughout the year, in matters both academic and personal.

Student Supports

The student supports at MIC are here to help with academic issues and personal well-being. Explore our student supports and learn why they are so important to the overall student experience at the College.

With all its joys and opportunities, college also brings its share of questions and struggles. Our Chaplaincy team is privileged to accompany MIC students on the journey through college.

Fr Michael Wall, Chaplain

MIC Limerick Supports Map

Get a top-down view of where the student support services are located on our Limerick campus.

MIC Thurles Supports Map

Get a top-down view of where the student supports are located on our Thurles campus.

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