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Dr Thomas Finegan

Dr Thomas Finegan

BTh (Maynooth); MA (NUI); PhD (TCD)
Lecturer in Theology & Religious Studies

Research interests

Bioethics; human rights; church and state/religion and law; principle of double effect

More information

Selected publications

“Conscientious Objection to Referrals”, Journal of Medical Ethics 45(4) (2019): 277-79


“Intermediate Moral Respect and Proportionality Reasoning”, Bioethics 30(8) (2016): 579-87


Dignitatis Humanae: Public Funding and Divesting of Faith Schools”, Melita Theologica 66(1) (2016): 47-68 (with Eamonn Conway)


“International Human Rights Law and the ‘Unborn’: Texts and Travaux Préparatoires”, Tulane Journal of International and Comparative Law 25(2) (2016): 89-126


“Dworkin on Equality, Autonomy and Authenticity”, American Journal of Jurisprudence 60(2) (2015): 143-80


“A Matter of Consistency: Dignity and Personhood in Human Rights Biolaw”, Medical Law International 14(1-2) (2014): 80-99


“Levinas’ Faithfulness to Husserl, Phenomenology and God”, Religious Studies 48(3) (2012): 281-303


“The Conceptual Foundations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Rights, Dignity and Personhood”, Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy 37 (2012): 182-218


“Neither Dualism nor Monism: Holism and the Relationship Between Municipal and International Human Rights Law”, Transnational Legal Theory 2(4) (2011): 477-503