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Professor Eamonn Conway

Professor Eamonn Conway

BA (NUI), BD, STL, DD (Pontifical University Maynooth)
Head of Department, Theology & Religious Studies

Research interests

Father Eamonn Conway is a priest of the archdiocese of Tuam who has served as Head of Theology & Religious Studies at Mary Immaculate College since 1999. His research interests include the works of Karl Rahner and Hans Urs Von Balthasar; faith and culture, especially the interface between culture, technology and religion, and the profile and status of theology at third and fourth levels. In recent years he has been at the forefront of protecting and promoting the distinctiveness of Catholic Education especially in Ireland and is a co-founder with Drs Eugene Duffy and Daniel O'Connell of the international Global Researchers Advancing Catholic Education G.R.A.C.E. Project that has attracted close to €1 million in external funding. 

Professor Conway supervises advanced degrees by research in diverse topics including, recently, the physicality of pilgrimage, religious faith and its significance for principals in Catholic schools, mindfulness and its compatibility with Catholic ethos. He regularly guest lectures on the propadeutic programme for seminarians at the Scots College Salamanca and the Institute of Anthropology at the Gregorian University in Rome. He is also a volunteer member of the pastoral team at St Patrick's Pilgrimage Sanctuary, Lough Derg.

A past president of the European Society for Catholic Theology, Professor Conway is Chair of the Peter Hünermann Foundation for the advancement of Catholic Theology in Europe.

Recent Publications:



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Public Lectures/Talks online 

The Future of Priesthood and Ministry - Perth, WA 2017

Daring to be different: charting a path for faith-based education

My little introduction to Ireland's most unique pilgrimage



Reviews of recent publications

"Clericalismo y violencia sexual: Explorando las implicaciones para la formacíon sacerdotal". In: Portillo Trevizo, Daniel, (Ed), Teología y prevención, Estudio sobre los abusos sexuales en la iglesia. Prólogo del Papa Francisco. Cantabria: Editorial Sal Terras, 2020, 145 - 172.


‘Of particular interest here is the piece by the theologian Eamonn Conway, with its perceptive observations about the temptation to a kind of ‘inner secularisation’ within Catholic schools and colleges’. 

Gerard O’Hanlon SJ, THE WAY, a review of Christian spirituality published by the British Jesuits July 2016, Volume 55, Number 3, 124


‘In a collection with so many sparkling contributions it seems invidious to select only a few for special comment, but needs must within the confines of a review. Eamonn Conway offers a hard-hitting diagnosis of the state of the Church and education in Ireland. He points up the need for a more counter-cultural stance, for example, in education, where more attention needs to be given to ‘creativity, imagination, the ability to take on responsibilities, to love the world, to cherish justice and compassion’ (259, echoing Pope Benedict XVI here). According to Conway, there are likely to be dangers for mission integrity (in church and school) when the relationship with society and the state becomes too close and accommodating: ‘given what we have seen of the contemporary educational landscape, one would not expect, or wish for, a comfortable modus vivendibetween Catholic educational institutions and the prevailing culture’  (264). In a particularly striking paragraph, Conway exposes as vulnerable a claim often made recently about faith-based schools and colleges: that they enhance diversity of provision in a pluralist society. He points out that ‘in order to enhance diversity, they would need to act differently from their secular counterparts… they would need to show leadership in articulating uncomfortable truths in regard to the prevailing educational policy’  (265)’.

John Sullivan (2017) Ireland & Vatican II, International Studies in Catholic Education, 9:2, 241-244,


‘In one of the strongest chapters in the collection, Eamonn Conway skillfully traces the educational vision proposed by Gravissimum Educationis(1965) and the current reality of creeping managerialism and utilitarianism in education. He suggests that Catholic schools and colleges ‘should be more confident in the distinctiveness of what they have to offer’ and more resilient ‘in insisting upon their unique place in the educational landscape, as an essential part of the church’s service to the world’ (p. 270)’.

Daithí Ó Corráin, British Catholic History, Volume 33, Issue 3,  May 2017


‘A high level is guaranteed by chapters provided by Eamonn Conway (“Vatican II on Christian Education: A Guide through Today’s ‘Educational Emergency’?”), Colin Harvey (“Encouraging Dialogue? Human Rights and Vatican II”), Baroness Nuala O’Loan (“Vatican II: Liberation and Authenticity”), and Oliver Rafferty (“The Catholic Church in Ireland and Vatican II in Historical Perspective”)’.

Gerald O’Collins SJ, Theological Studies 78 (1) 2017



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Books (Author/Co-author)





  • 1993. Conway, E., The Anonymous Christian - A Relativised Christianity?Frankfurt: Peter Lang Verlag.



Edited Volumes (Editor/Co-Editor)


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Book Chapters

  • 2021. Conway, E., with King, J.,  Piesza wędrówka Drogą św. Jakuba — czy pielgrzymi ewoluują? In: P. Roszak, F. Mróz, W. Rozynkowski (eks), Camino Polaco: teologia-sztuka-historia-teraźniejszość, t. 5, Wydawnictwo Naukowe UMK, Toruń




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International Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles



  • 2016. Conway, E., with Finegan,T, “Dignitatis Humanae: public funding and divesting of faith schools in a liberal state”, Melita TheologicaJournal of the Faculty of Theology of the University of Malta, 66/1 (2016) 47 – 68.


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Other Journal Articles

  • 2020. Conway, E., "The Key to Ecological Conversion", Intercom, April 2020, 12 -13.


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Conference Papers, Presentations and Addresses (selected) from the past five years


  • "Evangelisation in the light of Pope Francis" - Module to the propadeutic seminary programme, Real Collegio Escoceces, Salamanca, Spain, May 2019


  • "The Commodification of Resilience: Towards a rediscovery of the Christian virtue of Hope", University of Malta, October 2018 (with Dr Kerry Greer). 


  • As Visiting Scholar to the University of Notre Dame, Perth, W Australia, July/August 2017, I addressed the university’s Senior Management Team, several Deans and university faculties as well as the directors and trustees of the Sisters of St John of God Hospital Trust. I also delivered three public lectures (see: Papers included:
    • “Management and Leadership in a Catholic Educational Context”
    • “Vatican II on Christian Education: a Guide for Today’s Educational Emergency”
    • “The Biblical Foundation and Current Practice of Servant Leadership”
    • “Catholic Education: What we Teach while we are Teaching”
    • “The Influence of Technology and Consumerism on Religion”
    • “Assessing Pastoral Priorities in light of The Joy of Love/Amoris Laetitia


  • “The Christian Anthropology of Laudato Si’”, Marianum College, Muntinlupa, Manila, July 21 2016. 


  •  “A Church Beyond Clericalism”, De La Salle University, Manila July 19 2016. 


  • “A Church Beyond Clericalism”. Paper to the joint ESCT/DaKaTeo Conference on Gender and Ecclesiology: An intercultural dialogue, Manila, The Philippines, July 14 – 17 2016.


  • Visiting Professor to The Church in the 21stCentury Center, Boston College, March 16 2017 where I lectured on “Opening the Horizons of Priesthood and Ministry”.


  •  “Current challenges to faith-based education: reflections from the Irish context.” Presentation to the Faculties of Theology and Education, University of Malta, Jan 15 2016. 


  • “Selfies and Spirituality: Transcendence through Social Networking and Social Networking Sites”, with Kerry Greer, 5thIFCU Psychology Congress, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, April 2015. 


  • “What we teach while we are teaching” – Paper to Governors and Head teachers, Diocese of Westminster (UK), April 3 2014


  • “What does the New Evangelisation look like in the light of Pope Francis?” Keynote to Bishops of England and Wales Conference, UK, November 3-4  2013


  •  “The gift of Catholic Education in a detraditionalised cultural context”, Westminster Hall, London, Sept 24 2013


  • “A Nova Evangelização: Apresentar Deus numa sociedade pluralista”(“The new evangelization: presenting God in a pluralist society”). Keynote address to the SOTER (Brazilian Society for Theology and Religion) Annual Congress, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, July 2013.



National (Selected)

  • "Responding to our times" Address to the priests of the diocese of Dublin, February 8, 2019.


  • "Exercising Catholic Leadership" - International Seminar for Marist School Principals, Glendalough, September 2019. 


  • "Spreading the Good News - The Urgency of Adult Faith Formation" Tobar Mhuire Summer Institute, Belfast, June 2018.


  • “Daring to be different” – towards a Distinctive Future for Catholic schools among a Plurality of Educational Providers.”  Diocese of Elphin principals, teachers and chaplains, Feb 22, 2018. 


  • “Five cultural snapshots and their implications for Catholic educators”. Diocese of Killaloe teachers & principals, November 23 2017.


  • “Current cultural and political challenges facing Catholic Educators”. Diocese of Meath Boards of Management, Oct 5 2017. 


(I have addressed several dioceses, religious orders, trustees and boards of management, principals, teachers and clergy conferences on the above and related topics in the past five years.) 


  • “’Self knows that self is not enough’ – Priestly Formation for Collaboration and Co-Responsibility”. Invited paper to the International Congress on Priestly Formation, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, November 17 2017. 


  • "Where now for Faith-based Education? Charting the Future Together", Conference at the Gresham Hotel, Dublin, October 26 2017.


  • “Christian Sacramentality in a Secularised World”, Glenstal Liturgical Congress, Oct 20 2017. 


  • “Reading and understanding Amoris Laetitia”. Study Day for the Archdiocese of Armagh, Oct 1 2016. 


  • “Why Faith Schools Matter”. Plenary paper to the AGM of the Catholic Primary School Managers’ Association, Dublin, March 3 2017


  • “Pope Francis and Young People”, National Catholic Education Congress, Cistercian College Roscrea, Nov 8 2015. 


  • “The Future of Denominational Education”, The Iona Institute, Dublin Oct 6 2015


  • Laudato Si’: Christian Ecology – Hope for the Future”, Irish Eucharistic Congress, Knock, 26thSeptember 2015. 


  • “Pope Francis and Evangelisation: continuity or discontinuity?” MIC, May 24 2014


  •  “Christianity and Consumerism: Do people buy religion?” MIC, Feb 25 2014


  • “Catholic Education: Gift and Challenge,” Paper to Knights of Columbanus, Knock,  Feb 2014


  • “Pope Francis and the New Evangelisation”, MIC CCTV Conference, January 18 2014


  • “Post-primary schools and the New Evangelisation”, RE Congress, Kilkenny, Oct 1 2014


  • “I don’t go to Mass – does it matter? Plenary to Spiritfest, Dundalk, May 11 2013


  • “Rediscovering the Dignity of Childhood, with Karl Rahner”, Plenary to Spiritfest, Dundalk, May 11 2013 


  • “The New Evangelisation: Challenges and Opportunities”, Knock, Sept 17 2013.


  • “The Fundamentals of Christian Faith” Keynote to Kildare & Leighlin Diocesan Congress, March 8 2013


  • “I Believe: Exploring the Creed”, Navan, March 6 2013, 


  • “Protecting Denominational Education”, Paper to the Iona Institute, January 21 2013