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Student Teacher Educational Research (STER)


Student Teacher Educational Research (STER) was founded by Dr Aimie Brennan in 2017-18. It is an innovative project that shares student teacher research in innovative and accessible ways for the benefit of the education community.

Many student teachers conduct research as part of their programme of study by completing a dissertation or literature review. STER provides a range of opportunities for final year students, and recent graduates, who are invited to share their research findings in the following ways: 

  • Deliver a presentation at the annual conference
  • Prepare a poster presentation for the annual conference
  • Write an article for the peer reviewed online journal
  • Participate in a podcast interview or group chat

Dr Aimie Brennan explained: “I established STER so that student teachers would have an opportunity to share their insightful research with a wider audience. I'm delighted that it has become a multi-campus project that continues to grow and add exciting new forums for sharing research. Participation in STER enhances students' engagement with research during ITE and develops critical, analytical and presentation skills. I would strongly encourage all student teachers to get involved"

To find out more about STER visit the project website: 

Follow STER on Twitter: @STER_Ire

Founder and Coordinator of STER
Dr Aimie Brennan

STER Online Journal

All articles in the STER online journal are written by student teachers who are currently enrolled or who have recently graduated from education programmes in Ireland. Articles concentrate on key findings of the author’s dissertation. All articles go through a double-blind peer review process. To access all volumes of the journal visit 

Volumes 1 and 2 of the STER journal include articles by student teachers in MIC Limerick.  

Volume 1 - 2018 

The first edition of the STER online journal includes two research articles on the themes of Translanguaging and Intercultural Education in primary education. These articles were prepared by final year students on the PME programme in MIC Limerick. 

To read Volume 1, click here.

Volume 2 - 2019 

The second volume of the STER online journal includes ten research articles by students on the Bachelor of Education, BA in Early Childhood Care and Education, Master of Education, MA in Education and Well-being of the Older Person in MIC Limerick. 

To read Volume 2, click here.

Founder and Coordinator of STER
Dr Aimie Brennan

STER Conference

The STER conference takes place annually and promotes educational research being conducted by students in initial teacher education, It provides a platform for student teachers to talk about educational research in a collegial and supportive environment. Final year students and recent graduates present their research in the following ways: 

  • Oral presentation
  • Poster presentation
  • Symposia
  • Sound boarding

To share your research with STER contact Dr Aimie Brennan or visit: 


Student Teacher Educational Research (STER) Conference 2019
Prof. Niamh Hourigan & Dr Aimie Brennan with presenters at the STER Conference 2019
Founder and Coordinator of STER
Dr Aimie Brennan
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