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Strategic Alliances

The Shannon Consortium of MIC, UL and LIT is the Mid-West Cluster of higher education institutions. Building on its earlier success as a vehicle for inter-institutional strategic cooperation and operational resource-sharing, the Shannon Consortium is regarded nationally as an exemplar of the cluster model.

Led by the presidents of the three institutions, the Shannon Consortium is advanced in its delivery of key national and regional objectives, including:

  • The co-delivery, by UL and MIC, of a common Level 8 Humanities programme
  • The establishment of a tri-partite Federated Limerick Graduate School (FLGS)
  • The establishment of a national Centre of Teaching Excellence, NISE, in response to recommendations contained in a review of the structure of teacher education in Ireland by an internal team led by renowned Finnish academic, Pasi Sahlberg

The full extent of collaboration between the Shannon Consortium institutions goes even further than this with many successful initiatives bringing about shared dividends for the partners and all stakeholders within the wider region. These include joint academic programme development, co-creation of new pedagogical methodologies (including integration of the latest digital learning technologies), joined-up approaches to promoting inclusive participation at higher level, and shared service procurement, yielding better value for public money.

The main reason the Shannon Consortium is so important and has been so successful is the shared understanding by the partner institutions that in terms of our common goals: “What we do together is better and far more impactful than what we might achieve by working alone."