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The Volumes

There are seven distinct volumes in The Saint John’s Bible each with their own illuminations or special treatments and characteristics. These seven volumes contain the 73 books of the Old and New Testaments. 

Pentateuch was completed in August 2003. Pentateuch, the first five books of the Old Testament (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy), includes 164 pages of beautiful illumination and text. The seven prominent illuminations in this volume are Creation, Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, Jacob’s Ladder, Abraham and Sarah, the Ten Commandments and the Death of Moses.

Psalms was completed in April 2004. This volume has 84 pages and consists of five books, paralleling Pentateuch. Unlike the first two volumes, Gospels and Acts and PentateuchPsalms has its own font, a lighter weight script, which underscores the melodic and poetic nature of Psalms. Donald Jackson is doing special treatments, which hint at the ways in which we might “see” Psalms if they are sung or read poetically. Jackson chose colors to represent the different themes and designs to symbolize the different types of Psalms. He devised a way of weaving the two together that resulted in a unique script, colors and shading in Psalms

Prophets was completed in April 2005. The volume includes 232 pages and 20 illuminations. Prominent illuminations include: Messianic Predictions, Suffering Servant, Ezekiel’s Prophetic Vision, Valley of the Dry Bones, Vision of the New Temple, Vision of the Son of Man and Demands of Social Justice

Wisdom Books 
Wisdom Books was completed in July of 2006 and includes 136 pages and 24 illuminations. Prominent illuminations include the Job Frontispiece, Wisdom Woman, Garden of Desire, Seven Pillars of Wisdom and Creation, Covenant, Shekinah, Kingdom

Historical Books 
Historical Books was completed in March 2010 and includes 276 pages and 20 illuminations. Prominent illuminations include the Joshua Frontispiece, Judges Anthology, City of David, King Solomon’s Temple, and Esther

Gospels and Acts
Gospels and Acts was completed in May 2002. The volume is heavily illuminated with more than 25 illuminations including full-page frontispiece illuminations for each of the four gospels and several others throughout the 136 pages. Some of the prominent illuminations included in the first volume that have been filmed, displayed or written about are the Genealogy of Jesus, Birth of Christ, Raising of Lazarus, Crucifixion, Christ Our Light, Last Supper, Road to Emmaus andPentecost

Letters and Revelation 
Letters and Revelation was completed in May of 2011 and includes 96 pages, 12 major illuminations and 20 special text treatments. Prominent artworks in Revelation include the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Letter to the Seven Churches, and Vision of the New Jerusalem. Donald Jackson wrote and illuminated the Revelation portion of this volume entirely on his own.


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