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The community of The Saint John’s Bible is truly international, with its headquarters at Saint John's University in central Minnesota and Donald Jackson’s scriptorium in Monmouth, Wales. 

Saint John’s 
In 1856, Benedictine monks originally from Bavaria traveled to Minnesota and built an abbey dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. They brought with them a vision of the future and the role of education that inspired them to found Saint John's University. They also brought a tradition steeped in 1500 years of monastic history. Those two visions, forward-thinking imbued with an appreciation for tradition, would lead Saint John's Abbey and its University to be a creative center for education, art, architecture, liturgy and the written word. 

Located on 2400 acres of land, the Saint John's campus is remarkable in both its natural and architectural beauty. It includes pine and hardwood forest, oak savanna and restored prairies, wetlands and several lakes. Four-year residential liberal arts education, the liturgical movement, ecumenism, cultural preservation, art and architecture have become signature characteristics of Saint John's. 

Saint John’s is home to Saint John’s Abbey and University, the School of Theology and Seminary and the Preparatory School. Over the years, Saint John’s has become home to a number of other renowned institutions including: The Liturgical Press, the Hill Monastic Manuscript Library, the Episcopal House of Prayer, the Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research, the Jay Phillips Center for Jewish Christian Learning, Arca Artium, Saint John’s Pottery, Saint John’s Arboretum and Saint John’s Boys Choir. 

Scriptorium in Wales 
Donald and Mabel Jackson live in a converted village hall, a rambling half-timbered building, beautiful against the hills that surround it. Across the small road, the "schoolroom", a converted mechanic’s shed, was renovated to make a scriptorium. It is full of natural light, with a row of desks for the scribal team. In the back are a kitchen and another work area. Across from the schoolroom, a large black corrugated iron shed serves as a storage area.

Mary Immaculate College, South Circular Road, Limerick, Tel:+35361 204300  V94VN26

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