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President's Speeches

Staff Retirement Function June 01, 2017

Official Launch of European Social Survey June 12, 2017

Adult Access Award Ceremony May 31, 2017

Launch of 'Brendan Fullam: An Odyssey of Remembering'

Sporting Reception for MIC Teams April 5, 2017

Fitzgibbon Cup Victory Dinner 2017 April 3, 2017

Awards for Excellence 2017 March 8, 2017

Limerick DEIS Primary Schools Literacy Initiative January 13, 2017

Annual Carol Service December 13, 2016

Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn November 8, 2016

Research Showcase Welcome August 30, 2016

Fitzgibbon Cup Homecoming March 2nd 2017

Parents Orientation 2016 August 30, 2016

RDS Primary Science Fair Launch 2017

PRISEM Conference September 23rd 2016

BIAPT Conference July 12th 2016

Musical Futures Seminar June 18th 2016

Adult Education Awards Ceremony May 17th 2016

1916 and the Decade of Commemorations May 19th 2016

Staff Development Day 2016 June 2nd 2016

Santa Marta Group 2016 May 10th 2016

Eoin Flannery Book Launch May 6th 2016

Regional Teaching Excellence Awards May 4th 2016

Welcome Address - McAuley Conference 2016 May 5th 2016

INTO MIC Partnership Seminar April 23rd 2016

Art Expo Final Year Specialism Students April 22nd 2016

Fitzgibbon Cup Victory Dinner April 21st 2016

Synod Welcome Address 8th April 2016

Blue Star Programme 8th April 2016

Fitzgibbon Cup Homecoming 10th March 2016

Awards for Excellence 8th March 2016

Conferring Speech 24 October 2014 3.00pm

Conferring Speech 24 October 2014 10.00am

Conferring Speech 23 October 2014 3.00pm

Conferring Speech 23 October 2015 3:00pm

Conferring Speech 23 October 2015 10:00am

National Forum Seminar 19 February 2016

Interfaith Seminar 17 February 2016

National Forum Teaching & Learning Seminar 20 January 2016

1916 Launch of MIC Programme of Events 18 January 2016 

Primary Science Fair 15 January 2016

The Message of Mercy Book Launch January 12th, 2016

National Forum Seminar January 13th, 2016

Launch of the Partnership between Mary Immaculate College and Bizworld Nov 30, 2015

Economic and Social History Society of Ireland Annual Conference Nov 27, 2015

Gaisce Awards November 20, 2015

The Study of Cubism and Expressionsim Combined October 14, 2015

Startup Gathering October 7, 2015

Studio Classroom Exhibition September 17, 2015

German Conference September 2015 September 02, 2015

Parents' Orientation 2015 September 1, 2015

Research Showcase Welcome 2015 September 1, 2015

Limerick DNA August 27, 2015

Staff Development Day 2015 June 4, 2015

Institute for Educational and Social Policy Studies [PRISEM] 8th June 2015

Postgraduate Research Conference 28th May 2015

European Social Survey Conference 28th May 2015

The First All-Ireland Research Conference on Immersion Education 15th May 2015

National Forum for Teaching & Learning 2nd Seminar 30th April 2015

City and Cemetery 24/04/05

Embodied Perception and the Human World 09/04/15

Artbeat, President's Welcome 24/03/2015

Awards for Excellence 19/03/2015

Children's Mobility Report launch 06/03/2014

INTO Conference on Special Education 07/03/2015

President's Foundation Dinner Gala Speech 07/03/2015

National Forum Seminar 17/02/2015

IIS President's Address of welcome 10/02/2015

President's Welcome College Anthem 26/11/2014

Ethics, Politics and Health Symposium 18/11/2014

Inclusive Education HE Providers Teaching and Learning Forum 10/10/2014

Inaugural lecture for the Irish Institute for Catholic Studies 16/10/2014

Locating the Gothic 22/10/2014

Alliance francaise Welcome 02/10/2014

Bualadh Bos Children's Festival Welcome 15/09/2014

Research Showcase Welcome 02/09/2014

Parents' Orientation 02/09/2014

Collegial Communities in Exile 19/06/2014

Performing Identities Conference 19/06/2014

LEGO Launch 29/05/2014

Confederation of Student Services in Ireland Conference 19/06/2014

International Conference of the Association for Intercultural German Studies (GiG) 29/05/2014

'The Study of Cubism and Expressionism Combined' Art Exhibition by Students on CGLPD 27/05/2014

McAuley Conference 23/05/2014

You, Me and Diversity 22/05/2014

Buzzing with Books 22/05/2014

Bua na Cainte 21/05/2014

Staff Development Day 21/05/2014

South African Ambassador's Visit 20/05/2014

MIC Children's Choir 19/05/2014

Beyond the Grave 26/04/2014

Viking Ireland a new voyage of discovery 10/04/2014

Brazilian Ambassador visit March 31, 2014

Awards for Excellence 2014

Make it Stop - Violence against women in the DRC 04/03/14 

Launch of the Saint John's Bible 05/12/13

Launch of the Artist in Residence 07/11/2013

Launch of M. Oid san Oideachas Lán Gaeilge 02/11/13

Graduation - Conferring Speech Prof Hayes Friday PM 25/10/13

Graduation - Conferring Speech Prof Hayes Friday AM 25/10/2013

Graduation - Conferring Speech Prof Hayes Thursday PM 24/10/13

Bí Folláin Opening Address 08/10/13

IRMSS 14/6/13

Opening Address - Staff Development Day 10/6/13

Fleadh Luimni 15/5/13

Foundation Certificate Graduation Ceremony 13/5/13

Book Launch Sr. Jo O' Donovan 8/5/13

Contemporary Living Award Ceremony 8/5/13

Awards for Excellence 25/3/13

Islam in Irish Education 20/3/13

Inclusive Partnerships for Teacher Education: Re-igniting Dialogue. Mary Immaculate College, Limerick 8/3/13

The Petrine Ministry: Going to the books. The Irish Times - 5/3/13

The launch of the "Information Guide for Student Parents and Expectant Students at Third Level" Mary Immaculate College, Limerick - 21/11/12

The Symposium on Catholic Higher Education Mary Immaculate College, Limerick - 30/11/12

Graduation - Conferring Speech Prof Hayes Friday PM - 26/10/12

Graduation - Conferring Speech Prof Hayes Friday AM - 25/10/12

Graduation - Conferring Speech Prof  Hayes Thursday PM - 25/10/12

Religion and the Public Good: Fifty Years after the Second Vatican Council -  10/10/12

Book Launch "Keeping Open The Door of Faith: The Legacy of Vatican II." - 10/10/12

The gala launch of Transforming Education through Dialogue (TED) - 08/10/12

The official opening of the Lime Tree Theatre - 30/09/12

The Future of SPHE: Problems and Possibilities - 29/09/12

The Inauguration of the Franco German House - 28/09/12

The Inaugural meeting of The Irish Centre for Transnational Studies Mary Immaculate College - 21/09/12

The 7th International Drama in Education Research Institute ‘Borders and Translations: Towards new paradigms and languages in drama education’ in the Lime Tree Theatre, TARA, Mary Immaculate College - 11/07/12

The Launch of ‘New Educational Horizons in Contemporary Ireland: Trends and Challenges’ - 23/05/12

The Inaugural Conference of the Postgraduate Community of Limerick City ‘An Exhibition of Postgraduate Research in Limerick City’ - 13/05/12

France and Ireland in the Public Imagination: La France et l’Irlande dansl’imaginaire collectif, AFIS Conference 25/05/12

MIC Foundation Awards for Excellence 30/04/12

“The Senses” 10th Annual Conference of the Society of Dix-Neuviémistes 31/03/12

Children’s Liturgy Certificates Awards Ceremony 2011/2012 27/03/12

‘Toward Mutual Ground: Religious Pluralism in Educational Practice in Irish Schools’ 23/03/2012 

Presentation of College and GAA Higher Education Bursaries 06/02/12 

Algebraic Geometry Conference 2012 03/02/12 

Presidential Inaugural Address 2012 02/02/12

Leonardo da Vinci Partnership 19/01/12 

"Celebrating Ability" Programme in Contemporary Living 14/12/11 

Celebratory Ceremony of the Certificate in Youth and Community Work Programme 12/12/11 

National Conference on North-South Educational Partnerships 30/11/11 

Building Visions: A Symposium on Strategies for Preserving Limerick’s Heritage 25/11/11 

Launch of Polish-Irish Encounters in the Old and New Europe 22/11/11 

Launch of the Per Cent for Art Scheme 14/11/11 

Launch of Strategies for Teachers to Respond Actively to the Needs of Children with Down Syndrome (STRANDS) 9/11/11 


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