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Module 3: Development Education for Development Practitioners

Development Education (DE) is a multi-faceted concept concerned with contributing to the eradication of poverty through an enhanced understanding of the causes of inequality and injustice as well as supporting critical analysis in relation to global poverty (McCloskey, 2009: 237). Development Education promotes an understanding of what is involved in development, how countries go about undertaking development, as well as outlining the reasons for and ways of achieving a new international economic and social order (Osler, 1994: 51).

This module provides participants with an overview of the many aspects of Development Education e.g. methodological approaches employed, its theoretical framework, the social and economic issues addressed in  DE, intended outcomes of DE, the social relations between developed and developing societies examined therein, the educational sectors in which DE operates, and the tools and resources it employs. Participants will develop a greater awareness of Development Education as a wide-ranging pedagogical process. Additionally, students will critically assess DE’s role as an educational approach and its efficacy as an educational resource in response to profound global inequality.

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