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Module 1: Development Theory and Practice 

This module is designed to enhance students’ conceptualisation of a number of central issues in both international development theory and practice and to aid students in their respective career paths by providing them with the necessary theoretical and policy-formation tools to improve their critical thinking and reflective practice. The module will draw on the experiences of participants and will provide students with an extensive comprehension of what ‘development’ essentially entails, theories of development and International Development Practice.

The module will also highlight the correlation between both practice and theory and the outcomes that emanate from this interaction. Additionally, a critical analysis of the progress of development as an enterprise and as a scholarly discipline since the Second World War will attempt to critically appraise the relevance of the development discourse in the light of regional development in South Asia and China’s sui generis model of economic and social development and to assess what implications there are from such phenomena for the development practitioner.

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