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Information for Employers  

Employers are welcome to recruit both off-campus students and graduates via the Placement Office at Mary Immaculate College.

The Off-Campus Programme

The Off-Campus Programme is a distinctive feature of the BA Degree in Liberal Arts at Mary Immaculate College. It complements the academic programme by providing for student work placements in a wide variety of sectors, including media and communications, local government, education, arts, culture, heritage, tourism and information technology.

Participating students are in their third year of the BA degree. They are studying two main subjects selected from the following:

  • English
  • French
  • Gaeilge
  • German Studies
  • History
  • Mathematics & Computer Studies
  • Media & Communication Studies
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Theology & Religious Studies

Additional courses taken by students include:

  • Foundation Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Information Technology
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • Léann Dúchais / Irish Heritage Studies

 Placements are normally arranged for 5 months or 9 months. The usual periods are:

  • September to January
  • February to June
  • September to June

Benefits to Employers

Students on work placement bring to their employers the knowledge, skills and understanding they have gained from university studies to date, together with their own personal attributes.

They are typically highly motivated, flexible and capable of learning quickly.

They may be assigned to special projects, requiring specific skills or time commitment and/or they may perform regular day-to-day duties, thereby freeing staff for other duties.

Placements also provide an opportunity to assess a student as a potential future employee.

The Employer's Role

  • To agree the placement duties, period and terms of placement in advance with the College and the student;
  • To afford the student the terms and conditions of employment applicable to temporary employees;
  • To provide remuneration (the national minimum wage or higher is recommended);
  • To insure student employees against accidents in the workplace in accordance with national law (usually arranged at no additional cost);
  • To explain relevant organisational policies and procedures to the student at the start of the placement, e.g. regarding working hours, break times, leave-taking, supervision and health and safety;
  • To assign a supervisor to the student to provide instruction, guidance and assistance as required, to monitor placement progress and provide feedback to both the student and the College;
  • To facilitate the student in fulfilling his/her placement learning objectives;
  • To notify the College’s Placement Office of any problems relating to the student placement, including any absences from work occurring on a regular basis or for a period of more than one week;
  • To inform the College’s Placement Office of any changes to the placement programme or period;
  • To complete an end-of-placement evaluation form based on the student’s work performance and on the Off-Campus Programme.

What is expected of the student?

  • Professional conduct;
  • Satisfactory performance of placement duties;
  • Compliance with the organisation’s regulations, policies and procedures;
  • Full and punctual attendance at work;
  • Provision of a medical certificate for any sick leave in excess of two consecutive days;
  • Achievement of personal learning objectives which are likely to include:
    • developing personal and professional skills, e.g. communication, teamwork, problem-solving, decision-making and initiative;
    • applying relevant aspects of prior academic learning;
    • acquiring new knowledge and skills of relevance to the BA degree;
    • clarifying career plans.
  • Completion and submission to the College of a placement report endorsed by the supervisor.

The College’s Role

  • To assign a placement tutor to each student on placement;
  • To monitor the student’s performance during placement through liaison with both the student and the employer;
  • To conduct a placement visit and/or obtain feedback by other means;
  • To assist as appropriate in resolving any placement difficulties;
  • To provide a placement information and advisory service to employers and students;
  • To assess the student’s placement (Pass/Fail) based on the employer’s appraisal and the student’s placement report;
  • To facilitate ongoing recruitment of placement students.

Recruiting an Off-Campus Placement Student

  • Should you wish to recruit an off-campus placement student, please complete and submit an off-campus Placement Request Form.
  • The Placement Office then matches individual student profiles to employer job requirements;
  • The Placement Office then forwards CVs of suitable candidates to employers via e-mail;
  • The Placement Office arranges interviews with shortlisted candidates. Interview facilities are available on campus.

For more information on off-campus placements, please click here

To complete an off-campus placement request form, please click one of the following links:    Placement Request Form    Foirm Iarratais ar Shocrúchán     

To view a selection of off-campus work placements which have been undertaken by Mary Immaculate College B.A. Liberal Arts students, please click here 


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