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Why you should make MIC your Number One Choice

Here at Mary Immaculate College (MIC), there are many reasons why we offer such a unique and rewarding college experience and with a 94% student retention rate, our students agree.

MIC offers:

  • Highly sought-after programmes in Liberal Arts and Education
  • 50 Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships valued at €2,000 each
  • A state-of-the-art city centre campus in Limerick and a modern, central campus in Thurles
  • A friendly and relaxed atmosphere
  • A designated Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education
  • Dynamic and engaging lecturers
  • Small class sizes
  • Practical work experience where-ever possible
  • Amazing student support facilities
  • Top class sports amenities
  • An active and engaging Students’ Union
  • Opportunities to study and work abroad
  • A world class arts programme at the Lime Tree Theatre
  • A popular student radio station at Wired FM…and much more

Don’t just take our word for it though. Check out what our existing and past students had to say about why they chose MIC below in the graduate quote graphic, video links and testimonials.

See the short video Why MIC?, and learn more on the MIC Youtube channel here.

Darragh Wynne – B Ed in Education & Psychology & former Students’ Union President
I can tell you that MIC offers something very different to most other colleges. I have finished my degree in B Ed in Education & Psychology and have had four brilliant years which is pretty much the norm around here. The small campus and number of students here definitely makes MIC what it is. You will find your way around in no time and more importantly it is so easy to settle in and get to know people.

Jacqui Hurley – BA and Sports Presenter with RTÉ
I did my Leaving Certificate in the summer of 2002 and had little problem in filling out my CAO form. I was one of those lucky enough to know from a young age what I wanted to do with my life and I was determined to pursue a career in Sports Journalism. With that in mind, for a variety of reasons, my number one choice was the Liberal Arts programme in MIC. I had heard great things about the Media and Communications department and was delighted I could combine it with an English degree. I specifically wanted to do a course that would put greater emphasis on the practical side of media training as well as the theory and this is exactly what I got. So much of what I learned in classes I now put to use every day in my job. One of the big draws for me was the off-campus placement in third year. I spent the year abroad, working as an intern for CBS TV in Mississippi. It was an incredible experience to get and it played a huge part in my career progression once I finished college. Having spent four years in MIC, I only have good things to say about the College. It’s a small campus with an amazing atmosphere, you walk in knowing nobody and you leave knowing the whole College; it's that kind of place!

Mark Noble – B Ed (Primary Teaching)
My four years in Mary Immaculate College can be summed up in three words; Challenging, worthwhile and friendship. All I’ve ever wanted to be is a primary school teacher and so there was no doubt that MIC was going to be my first (and second and third and fourth) choice on that all-important CAO. Personally, one of the best things about the new four year B Ed programme, was the increased number of school placements that we had to undertake. I thoroughly enjoyed my placements and each one taught me a great deal about the teaching world…I also got involved in many aspects of college life; joining societies, giving campus tours on open days and enjoying student life. There was always a friendly face that helped me whenever I had a question or query. From lecturers to classmates, to the incredible staff on the Students’ Union there is always someone there to help you!

Brian Gleeson – BA & TV Producer
I chose MIC because it was one of the few BA programmes that offered a comprehensive media course along with more traditional arts subjects. Much to my delight I found that MIC provided a more intimate and personal experience then other colleges in Ireland. My time at MIC not only helped me obtain a head start in my career, but it really shaped me as an individual. I made some of my best friends there and look back at my time at MIC with fond memories.

Niall O’Meara – B Ed (Primary Teaching) & Fitzgibbon Cup winning Hurling Team 2016
I have really enjoyed my time at Mary Immaculate College. I always wanted to be a primary school teacher so MIC was an easy option for me. Along with that there are great opportunities for anyone who wishes to study as there are many different social clubs, which cater very well for everybody’s interests and there is great fun to be had too. I have made a lot of friends here in MIC, which is great as college can be a very daunting place with so many changes taking place. Personally, I am very interested in the GAA and I was a member of the successful Fitzgibbon Cup winning hurling team in 2016. I love the hurling aspect of college, but more importantly, the friendships I have made will last for a lifetime. Another great opportunity I got to experience was studying abroad on an Erasmus programme. I spent a semester in DeSales University in Centre Valley in America, which I cannot speak highly enough of. MIC offers great courses while also providing many opportunities in a friendly environment.

Luke Frawley – BA in Contemporary and Applied Theatre Studies
The BA CATS programme is an amazing course for anyone with an interest in theatre. Through it you learn the history of theatre as well as practical applications for both on-stage and off-stage roles. The course provides opportunities to gain an all-round education in theatre from lecturers who have experience in the field as well as current professional directors, stage managers and other theatre practitioners… In addition, two professional theatre spaces, the Lime Tree Theatre and the Belltable Arts Hub, are both available and provide a wealth of experience and opportunities for students…By the end of my first year, I had been given the opportunity to help out on numerous shows for some of Ireland's biggest theatre companies…The programme offers a very rare experience that not many other theatre courses do. It is not purely an acting course or a sound design course. The BA CATS programme offers a full rounded experience in theatre and gives students experiences and opportunities that no other programme can give.

Lisa McKeigue – B Ed (Primary Teaching) & Teacher
My reasons for choosing MIC were simple – teaching was my goal and as far as I was concerned MIC was the sole route to achieving this. It’s eminence as the top teaching college in the country coupled with its accessible location attracted me from the beginning. The social scene in MIC was very unique and like nothing I’d experienced before. Students from every year and every course mingled so much so that you could not walk around the college without meeting someone.

Amanda Ryan – BA in Early Childhood Care & Education
Starting college was a big step for me and to be honest, my CAO form was filled out mainly because I felt that I needed to conform to my school friends and their aspirations. I never believed that college was for me but what initially felt like an overwhelming and intimidating idea in applying for this degree quickly turned into one of the best decisions of my life. Going to MIC was been a huge life-changer for me...Working with young children was always something I enjoyed doing but I viewed it more as a hobby than a career path. MIC seeks to change this common view with the passion for ECCE from the professionals evidently reflected in the students. From learning about a child’s psychological development to cultural inclusion and additional needs whilst also incorporating practical elements of professional placement in various early childhood settings, the BA in ECCE is a multifaceted, challenging yet thrilling journey to embark on and I cannot praise it enough.

Ailbhe Costelloe – B Ed in Education & Psychology
If there was one piece of advice I could give to anyone about to enter Mary Immaculate College, it would be to get involved in anything and everything. The welcoming family community within the College makes it very easy to do just that. As daunting as those first few weeks may seem, you will quickly realise that from the lecturers to the Students’ Union, everyone is more than willing to help make your transition into college life easier…The B Ed in Education & Psychology programme is literally one of a kind. The advantage of having Psychology alongside your teaching degree is undeniable. Not only does it broaden your interests but it also gives you options outside of teaching…The course itself has opened up many opportunities for me, such as a summer internship at the Harvard Graduate School of education.

Tommy Barrett – BA in Education, Business Studies & Religious Studies, MIC, St. Patrick’s Campus, Thurles
Deciding what college to attend and what course to choose is a huge milestone in any person’s life. For me I am delighted that I decided to attend MIC, St. Patricks Campus, Thurles. A major advantage of this course is that you will be a fully qualified secondary teaching at the end of your degree. Also, in every year of the course there is school placement. This is really positive as every year you improve your teaching and it allows you to get experience in the profession you have chosen while putting into practise the learning from lectures. For me Thurles is a ‘home away from home’. A strong community-based environment is a key focus of the College while students and staff have an excellent relationship. The small class sizes also enable more interaction between students and staff….There is a lot more to MIC, St. Patricks Campus, Thurles than just study. We have had very successful GAA teams and we were all delighted to win the prestigious Fergal Maher Cup in 2013. The very active student council ensure that the evenings are filled with fun and entertainment. I would encourage anybody thinking of attending the College to visit the campus and see for yourself the excellent facilities that are on offer.

Daire Kelly – BA in Education, Irish & Business Studies MIC, St. Patrick’s Campus, Thurles
The decision to choose MIC, St. Patrick’s Campus, Thurles, was easily one of the best I have ever made. From the moment I walked through the gates of the College I was made feel very welcome. There is a great sense of community and positivity that echoes through the corridors…The College is a place where everyone wants you to do well and where a friend is never too far away. I have always wanted to be a secondary teacher and I believe that the best way to learn is by having fun. From my time in the College so far I have grown in confidence as a person. I have also learnt many interesting things like teaching skills, which helped me to improve my teaching while on school placement and I have had a great deal of fun along the way. The lecturers and staff here in the College are second to none and are on hand to offer support and advice throughout the year. As well as that the small class sizes are a huge bonus as they allow you to make friends easier and prepare you for life after college. It is for this reason and many more that I feel that MIC, St. Patrick’s Campus, Thurles, is one of the best places to be a student.

If you are still not convinced as to why MIC should be your number one choice then why not visit the campus yourself and meet with our staff and students.

For further information and / or to arrange a visit contact our Student Recruitment Officer, Patrick.Cosgrove@mic.ul.ie

Mary Immaculate College, South Circular Road, Limerick, Tel:+35361 204300  V94VN26

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