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Financial Matters

Easiest way to pay your Tuition Fees

PaytoStudy makes it easier and cheaper for international students to pay for their fees. At Mary Immaculate College we know that our international students often get caught out by annoying transfer fees when paying for their tuition fees. We don't think that's fair, so we've teamed up with PaytoStudy to help you pay your tuition fees without wasting precious funds on additional fees or charges...

What are the benefits?

  • A more streamlined payment process
  • No international sender/receiver fees
  • Great exchange rates
  • 24 hour customer service from PaytoStudy
  • 24 hour online tracking of payments
PaytoStudy lets you make international payments to Mary Immaculate College for free, without paying international banking charges while receiving competitive foreign exchange rates. We think it’s a brilliant option! If you're an international student attending Mary Immaculate College you can use this secure, fast method to make your tuition fee payments to us.

How it works?

Pay your Accommodation fees via PaytoStudy using a simple 3 step process.

  1. Register on the secure PaytoStudy domain and enter your payment details.
  2. You'll receive the exchange rate for that day, choose between wire transfer or credit card
  3. Once funds are received by PaytoStudy, these funds are immediately transferred into our account from the PaytoStudy bank account in the UK.

Pay your tuition fees now!

STEP 1. Confirm your Mary Immaculate College Reference Number.
STEP 2. Visit the payment website and complete the brief registration form. Choose between wire transfer and credit card payment Click ‘YES’ you are ready to pay today and then select ‘Process Transaction’.
STEP 3. If you chose credit card payment just enter your details and if you chose wire transfer you will be asked to transfer the funds to the advised bank account.
STEP 4. Email confirm@paytostudy.com with a copy of your passport, and your invoice letter from Mary Immaculate College and if you have chosen wire transfer a copy of the payment receipt.
STEP 5. Once PaytoStudy receive your funds and required documents, they will transfer the funds to us at Mary Immaculate College and email you confirmation of payment. Sorted!

Please find the PayToStudy link here.

Unit of Currency

The Euro (denoted by € or EUR) is the unit of currency in Ireland. One Euro is equal to one hundred cents.


Cost of Living

There will be many factors determining a student's personal expenditure while studying at Mary Immaculate College.  Please note the costing below is an estimate only.

Monthly Budget

Accommodation & utilities: €420

Food: €200 

Other expenses: €200

Textbooks and other materials: €50

Total monthly expenditure: €870


Tuition Fees

Please see Tuition Fees for a fee schedule.


Estimated Total Annual Cost

An estimated cost for one academic year (nine months) of undergraduate study at Mary Immaculate College is outlined below:

Accommodation & utilities: €3,780

Food: €1,800

Other expenses: €1,800

Textbooks and other materials: €450

Health Insurance: €120

Tuition Fees (Bachelor degree): €11,148

Visa and Immigration fees: €400*

Total Annual Cost: €19,498

* Applicable to citizens of non-EEA countries only.



Bank of Ireland provides a service at Mary Immaculate College at the following times:

 Monday  closed  
 Tuesday  10.00 to  12:30
 Wednesday closed
 Thursday  10.00 to  12:30
 Friday  closed  

To open a bank account with Bank of Ireland on campus, you will need to present your passport and a supporting status letter from the College. Advice on foreign currency exchange can be provided on request and there is an ATM on campus.  It is advisable to have contact details for your home bank account while in Ireland, in case you ever need to get in touch.  All major credit and debit cards are accepted throughout Ireland. 


Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about financial matters related to study at Mary Immaculate College.



Mary Immaculate College, South Circular Road, Limerick, Tel:+35361 204300  V94VN26

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