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Arts Module Listing - International Study Abroad/Exchange 2017-2018

Education Module Listing - International Study Abroad/Exchange Students  2017-2018

Early Childhood Care & Education Module Listing - International  Study Abroad/Exchange Students 2017-2018

Contemporary & Applied Theatre Studies Module Listing - International Study Abroad/Exchange Students 2017-20178

Please note: module listings above are subject to change. 

It is recommended that international exchange and study abroad students take a minimum of 4 course modules (24 ECTS) per semester of study.

Students can also choose from the following subjects:

Irish Heritage Studies (Léann Dúchais) (6 ECTS Credits)

Please note this may not run in 2017/18

The Léann Dúchais (Irish Heritage Studies) programme incorporates aspects of the study of many disciplines: History, Literature, Geography, etc.  It includes modules in Celtic spirituality and mythology; public art and architecture in Ireland; folklore; storytelling; folk custom and belief in Ireland; Irish archaeology; and the musical heritage of Ireland.  The programme aims to provide the student with a comprehensive understanding of Irish heritage and a unique insight into those forces which have gone towards forging modern Ireland.

Beginners Irish Language (Gaeilge ab initio) Course (6 ECTS Credits)

Gaeilge ab Initio is an Irish language course for beginners, concentrating on the spoken language. The emphasis is on the basic communication skills and grammar of the language, allowing the students to converse in Irish on matters concerning themselves and their interests. Course content includes: background and history of the Irish Language; Irish language today; Irish mythology; introduction to Irish place-names and Gaeltachtaí (Irish-speaking areas).

English as a Foreign Language (6 ECTS Credits)

English for Academic Purposes (6 ECTS Credits)

Courses in English language are offered in both the Autumn and Spring semesters. These modules are designed to meet the language needs of intermediate to advanced non-native speakers of English studying at university level. Students are assigned to the appropriate module based on their language proficiency. Language needs analysis is conducted to tailor course content to respond to students’ requirements. Each course is worth 6 ECTS.




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